Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hillsta Amazing Race

Picture credit: Justine
A bunch of bloggers took part in the Hillsta Amazing Race last Saturday. Let me fill you in about what Hillsta is first!

Luxury Hillside Residences
416 residences of high living.Three unique residential types : SOHO, Condominium & TownHouses. 

Hillsta- Satoyama concept
'Sato' means arable,livable land in japanese while 'Yama' means mountain.
Inspired by the concept of satoyama, Hillsta has been created to take full advantage of its highly-coveted hillside location so that residents can coexist with nature.

Close to nature
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Town park & it's scenic rock formations, and numerous parklands are nearby. 

Wide selection of Amenities
-7minute walk to junction 10
-12minute walk to bukit panjang plaza
-12minute walk to bukit panjang library
-4minute drive to lot 1 shopper's mall
-6minute drive to the rail mall.

Good Connectivity
-3minute walk to phoenix LRT station
-4minute walk to teck whye LRT station
-7minute walk to ten miles junction LRT
-7minute walk to future bukit panjang MRT station.

-Takes up Towers C of the development.
-1,2-compact & 3-compact bedroom units available
(Options of White SOHOs available)
-High ceilings
-Without platforms
-Gives you total freedom to transform your space 

-Takes up Tower A & B of the development.
-1,2,3 & 3-compact bedroom units available. 

-Every unit comes with: 2storeys,basement,roof terrace
-Choice of 4-bedroom units available 


The race was around Chua Chu Kang area as Hillsta was near Phoenix. There were a total of 6 stations and we were supposed to complete a task at every station and earn Hillsta dollars. 5 stations were known to us while the 6th station was a bonus station. There would be one station which contains the clue to where the bonus station was. The race started at 11.30 and ended at 1.45pm. The team with the highest amount of Hillsta dollars will walk away with $1500 worth of Orchard Central vouchers. 

The first stop we went to was Teck Whye Food Centre. We were supposed to find as many adjectives as we could on a Hillsta card. Clifford and I didn't do well at this stage -.-

The second stop we went to was at a void deck just beside Phoenix LRT. We were supposed to pick numbers 1-10 in order from 10 pieces of paper with different images. Choose the image that matches the numbers! 

We headed to Junction 10 for our third stop where we had to complete a crossword puzzle. This was the easiest stage because all you have to do is to search for the shop names on the directory.

Fourth stop was at Bukit Panjang Starbucks. We had a minute to read a passage and after that, pieces of scrambled sentences were given to us and we had to re-arrange it according to the order. 

Fifth stop was at a bus stop opposite Bukit Panjang LRT. We had to spot 10 differences of 2 panorama pictures of a housing estate. 

We arrived at the bonus station at the last stage and it was just right outside Hillsta. Our mental calculation skills were put to test as we had to add up the bus services number at the bus-stop and then take a picture of ourselves with the Hillsta logo. 

In total, we earned 3400 Hillsta dollars which was a pretty good amount compared to the other teams. The highest amount earned was $4400! There were also lucky draws where an iPad, $300, $200 and $50 orchard central voucher were given. Lucky winners! I could have gotten the doc martens which I eyed for if I had won. 

Picture credit: Hpility
With some of the bloggers.

Group photo of bloggers with their partners.

Even though we won nothing, it was an enjoyable experience and we did some exercising around the cck estate (lol) and exploring. It was also great to see those familiar faces again. 

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