Friday, 6 July 2012

Advanced Birthday Dinner Treat

Went to Teo Heng KTV at NTU Alumni club yesterday with Wendy because she wanted to treat me to an advanced birthday dinner. The outlet there is much better because there're lesser people and rooms are more comfortable and also cleaner than the outlet at Sembawang. 

Dinner was at Ju Shin Jung @ Haw Par Villa. 

Ju Shin Jung is just located right across Haw Par Villa MRT Station so it is very convenient for those going by public transport.
I love how they serve so many side dishes just like a true blue Korean restaurant. The prices are kind of hefty. I guess it's because they have a good environment and service is rather meticulous. 

We had the ala carte buffet. However, not all types of meat are available for the buffet. The buffet also comes with one dish and we chose the saba fish and bibimbap.

Heart-shaped watermelon and Cinnamon tea. There is a really strong cinnamon fragrance from the tea and it tasted kinda exotic. 

The quality of pictures produced by the iphone's front camera really sucks! So much noise on the picture :(

Thank you Wendy again for the dinner treat! Also, today's XL's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY XUE LING!! 7+ years of friendship and counting :)

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