Friday, 20 July 2012

Birthday Dinner at Bistro Du Vin

I turned 20 about a week ago and it feels like I have aged a lot. I have finally entered the 20-ish phrase of my life. Next year, I will be officially classified as an adult. Time flies! 

As usual, Clifford brought me out to celebrate my birthday.

He was lugging a bag of Liberty X Dr Martens carrier and right then, I knew what it was. I have been wanting this really cute pair of Dr Martens from the liberty collection and he actually got it for me :'). On our way there, he told me that the design I wanted was out of stock in my size and he got the white floral design which he felt was pretty nice as well. I was a little doubtful because the carrier that he carried was in the design I wanted and he made up a lie that the carrier was only available in that design. Cheeky kid!

So anyway, we headed over to Great World City for some window shopping and I spotted Clifford the big red dog!

Oversized Clifford sitting on Clifford. Clifforception.

When I helped him to carry the bag, I was a little shocked that the bag was quite light for a pair of Dr Martens so I asked him. He played along with the intention of implying that those were something else other than the shoes. I could have thought it was something else I wanted and I would be getting 2 presents LOL -_-

Dinner was at Bistro Du Vin, We went there on a Tuesday evening and there wasn't much diners so we had more privacy. The ambience is very homely and cosy and it exudes the quaintness of an authentic French Bistro.

 Water was served right up when we were seated, followed by bread. I love eating bread with butter but I had to save my stomach for main course and dessert.

Pan-seared foie gras with pickled shallots and eggplant.
I am a sucker for Foie Gras and I love this! The pickled shallots and eggplant make a good combination. With every bite, I found myself wanting more. 

Baked Burgundian escargots with garlic herb butter
The herb taste was the strongest here. It was a good dish but not a hit for me. 

Coq au vin – chicken (half) braised in red wine,with carrot, mushroom, pearl onion, bacon & mashed potato
Portion was huge and the chicken meat was very tender.

Beef cheek braised in red wine, with carrot, mushroom, pearl onion, bacon & mashed potato
Beef cheek was nicely cooked to a medium well and was very tender. Clifford fell in love with the mashed potato the moment he tried it.

Soufflé au Grand Marnier with vanilla ice cream
This soufflé was beautifully risen. It was crisp on top; light and slightly moist in the centre and did not deflate. We did not really fancy the taste of it though.

Happy me! The dress that I was wearing is from ASOS. Love it!

Say it on chocolate ^^


  1. Hi:) may i know what are the directions to get there? like erm public transport (if you have any idea)?

  2. Anonymous - It's located just opposite the taxi stand at Great World City so you can actually take buses to Great World City and then walk there.