Saturday, 21 July 2012

Haircut on a Guinea Pig

Yesterday, Jeanell came to my house for a haircut. I have zero knowledge on hairdressing yet this brave girl (she claimed she doesn't care about her hair.) requested me to cut her hair short. Yay! I can haz new guinea pig :P

These were the before images. She wanted me to cut layered and short like a bob. 

The 2 "feelers" which she wanted to save so she tied it like that to prevent me from snipping it off lol.

Goodbye hair!

Very straight right?! I don't know what I am doing and how to curve it so I just cut it straight first haha.

How's it? I think it's pretty awesome for a hairdressing dummy like me.

After some more touch-up, this is how the backview looks like. I am aware of how uneven the texture/layering is but I don't even have a proper scissors to begin with and I know nuts about layering hair! As long as she doesn't mind, it's okay right? ;)

Final product: Side view

Final product: front view

What do you think?

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