Friday, 27 July 2012

[Review] Mentholatum Lip Pure

Mentholatum has launched its latest Mentholatum Lip Pure series with 3 variants - Orange, Fragrance Free and Honey Lemon (Lip Gel)!

Today, I'm going to review the Fragrance Free and Honey Lemon variants!
Lip Pure contains no preservatives and colorants. It is made from 100% food grade natural ingredients and it is safe for people with sensitive lips. 
Formulated with a gentle beeswax formulation, you are on your way to soft,
supple and healthy lips with Lip Pure as it is suitable even for very sensitive skin. 
Beeswax has emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin to retain
moisture as it provides a soft, flexible coating that is water resistant.
(extracted from Lippure) 

Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Lip Gel
-a gentle beeswax formulation suitable even for sensitive skin
-natural ingredients of shea butter oil, almond oil and aloe vera extract to protect and moisturize lips
-antioxidants of vitamin E and grape seed oil to help maintain healthy and youthful looking lips
-no preservatives or colorant
-100% food grade ingredients

This lip gel is really delicious and nice smelling! I totally dig the honey lemon scent. This is however too heavy on my lips as I am not a fan of lip gels.  The texture is sticky and thick, yet smooth to apply. 

It also makes your lips look very glossy


Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm
-natural beeswax formulation which is extra gentle
-100% food grade ingredients to protect and condition lips
-natural plant ingredients of shea butter oil, almond oil, aloe extract and jojoba oil for deep hydration and long lasting moisture
-antioxidants of vitamin E and grape seed oil to help maintain healthy and youthful looking lips
-free of fragrances, colorants and preservatives

This lip balm is best suited for daily wear. It has easy application and you can just smack it on your lips in school or anywhere outside. It does not feel excessively oily so it is very suitable for daily use. It also makes your lips look moisturized and hydrated because of the glossy shine which is not overwhelming.

For me, I'll prefer the lip balm because it is more natural looking. It still depends on the occasion though. If it's for special occasions, I'll wear the lip gel. If it's for daily purposes such as school or even at home, I'll just put on the lip balm.

Mentholatum Lip Pure retail at S$7.90 each at watsons, guardian, fairprice, at all major supermarkets and departmental stores.

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