Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Buffet Town

I went to Buffet Town last week on a Tuesday to try the lunch buffet because my dad heard much ravings about it from his passenger who claimed that it is on par with hotel buffets, but at a much more affordable price.

I was surprised by the large variety of food they have there for lunch.

Their seafood is really fresh. They have cold prawns, mussels, scallops, crayfish and flower crabs. 

At the Japanese corner, they have assorted sushi and sashimi. I did not try the sushi as I did not want to consume carbs. 

The curry chicken, assam prawns and curry vegetables are from the Nonya section. The chef sliced the honey glazed ham for us right on the spot.

Nonya section

The misses. The Asian food tasted ordinary. The shishamo were charred. The satays were too hard to chew.

Pasta! You can choose how you want your pasta to be made, as well as pick your own ingredients to be cooked. I tried the aglio olio spaghetti. Not bad :)

For beverages, they have plain soya milk and you can add the desired amount of sugar syrup by yourself or choose not to add any.

Local delights: Chicken rice, laksa, carrot cake.etc


Teppanyaki. There were not much choices for lunch at the Teppanyaki corner.

tempura, fried rice, pizza

We all love the goreng pisang as well as the crepe! I am in love with their waffles and crepes!! The crepes are a must try!

We were so excited to see so many delicious-looking cakes at the dessert bar!

Cakes were misses. They were rather disappointing.

The best part of the desserts has got to be the crepes. The parents and I felt that the cakes were not of standard and you can just save your stomach for other food.

Their service is rather good as they clear plates fast. This may be due to the lesser lunch crowd on a Tuesday afternoon. I noticed that their cutlery were not that clean though. I will go back again for their seafood again but not for their asian food.

Lunch prices:
Adult: 24.80++ Child: 17.80++

Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH
Adult : $29.80++
Child : $17.80++

Dinner prices:
Adult : $34.80++
Child : $20.80++

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH
Adult : $39.80++
Child :$20.80++

Prices extracted from Buffet Town's website. Check out their website for more information!

Buffet Town is located at Raffles City Basement.

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