Wednesday, 8 August 2012

DIY: Cosmic Vans

Clifford has this pair of old vans which he doesn't wear anymore. Instead of letting it collect dust in the cupboard, we decided to give it a little makeover! He wanted it to have a cosmic/galaxy design. I have limited materials and I didn't want to spend money purchasing additional materials because then, it will add up to be too costly. Might as well buy a new pair of kicks! I hope you will find this blog post useful and perhaps you may find some useful tips and ideas on how to customize and transform your old pair of shoes into a new one.

First up, you need a pair of old shoes that you don't want already. You don't want to risk your beautiful pair of shoes being destroyed should the experiment fail.

Scotchtape the parts where you don't want the paint to come into contact with. Stuff newspapers inside the shoes so that the paint will not get in.

I use 3 types of fabric spray paint - Blue, Pink and Orange. Randomly spray them in all directions, switching the colours now and then.

For the left side, I sprayed blue followed by pink and orange.

without flash
I did not have the right paintbrush to do the stars so I just dotted it with a coarse paintbrush as Clifford's not fussy about how the stars look like too. You can dot the stars with a precise paintbrush or simply use a mechanic pencil and dip it into the paint. For the paint, I use silver fabric paint. Most people use white paint though. 

with flash
Put on the shoelaces and we're done!

This is the end product! Do you like the right shoe or the left shoe better? 

This is our easy and beginner version of DIY cosmic vans. I hope you enjoy this short tutorial!

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  1. Maybe, you could have used the splatter technique for the stars.

  2. - thank you.

    Julie - Great idea thanks!