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Le Bistrot - Birthday Dinner

With recommendations from LadyIronChef, I brought Clifford to Le Bistrot for his birthday dinner 2 weeks ago. I love the warm and cosy ambience as well as the deco. It has a very traditional French bistro feel. Lights were dim and appropriate for a romantic dinner, yet not overwhelming. 

the entrance and walkway further in

bread with olive oil was served first. 

I told Clifford to take a picture of the stretch of decoration along the wall and he ended up including a not-so-pleasant picture of me in it. hai!

We were seated beside this grass carpeted wall!

Prices were relatively reasonable:
entree & main course $50
main course & dessert $50
entree, main course & dessert $60

I had read up earlier that portions were rather huge so it was recommended that we order 1 entree 2 main and 1 dessert but we would like to try more varieties so we ordered 2 entrees, 2 main courses and 1 dessert.

First up:

Oignon Farci aux Noix de Saint-Jacques Grillées et son Velouté de Maïs
chargrilled Hokkaido scallops served in a salt-baked onion, with a corn velouté and toasted pinenuts
The scallops were huge and tasted sweet and succulent. They also went well with the corn veloute. The onion tasted slightly sweet and had no pungent taste or smell to it. 

Caviar du Pauvre (Poor Man's Caviar) 
verrine of eggplant and garlic purée, chicken liver mousse and Pernod crèmefraîche, served with chargrilled bread
It tasted nothing like caviar but the combination was good. We both felt that it would be too overwhelming to finish this dish by one person. This is good for sharing. We ordered this because of the many good reviews but I was a tad disappointed as this dish did not manage to win me over.


While waiting for our main courses to arrive, the birthday boy opened up his present!

Unwrapping his present excitedly!

to find an ASOS tee wrapped onto something else... (more to be revealed:p) 

Main courses:

Saumon à l'Unilatéral et sa Soupe à l'Encre de Seiche 
pan-seared salmon fillet (served rare in the centre) with squid ink velouté and spinach fondant
It was creative to serve salmon together with squid ink. The pair went well together. This was supposed to be served with spinach fondant but somehow they substituted it :(.. with asparagus and  I really don't know what those soft crumbs are. I didn't like them though. 

Depending on how much squid ink you want to have on your salmon, you pour it by yourself based on your preferences so that it would not be overwhelming. I love the squid ink, it sort of tasted buttery to me. The salmon is closed to rare in the centre and tasted so good! Flesh was very soft and tender.

Steak Frites 
chargrilled beef steak with pink peppercorn beef served with pommes frites and mesclun salad
Clifford ordered the grass-fed Australian Tenderloin. It did not look as fantastic as it tasted, but boy it was good. What surprised me was how good the fries actually tasted, it was crispy and will leave you wanting for more. The steak was extremely juicy and thick, yet had a consistent doneness throughout.

medium rare

We were struggling to finish our main courses but regardless of how full we were, my stomach will always have room for desserts!

Pastilla à la Pistache et Chocolat Noir 
warm dark chocolate ganache and pistachios in feuilles de brick pastry, served with pistachio crème Anglaise and vanilla bean ice cream
On recommendation of the waiter, we ordered this. I love this especially the brick pastry! It looks like a po piah isn't it? One would be in for a surprise when you cut the pastry open. The pastry was very crispy and it went so well with the chocolate ganache. The pistachio creme tasted great as well. The portion was just right after a heavy meal.

lovely ambience.

Happy us after a satisfying meal!

and yess I got him a HP bag which he can bring to school and when he's out ^_^

Overall, it is definitely more worth it to get the prix fixe. A la carte will already cost you $40 for a main and $18 for a dessert or an entree. 

I will definitely go back again to try more desserts as well as the other food :)

Le Bistrot is located at 
2 Stadium Walk, #01-03 Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore

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  1. You look like a very happy couple. Hope the birthday party was a lot of fun.