Monday, 6 August 2012

Strictly Pancakes

The boyfriend and I finally headed down to Prinsep Street to try Strictly Pancakes after hearing much about it!

We ordered Iced Coffee which was pretty good. The maple syrup and butter was also served together with the drink.

candid shot

posed shot haha

We ordered 2 dishes to share.

The Druggie $11
3 chocolate pancakes sprinkled with chocolate flakes are stacked on top of each other. This was served with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream and sliced strawberries. The Druggie is definitely the ultimate chocolate fix! It would take a crazy fan of a chocolate-lover to wipe this dish clean. The chocolate pancakes had a mild chocolate flavour. I wish they have added chocolate syrup or something else between those pancakes so it will be more flavourful and less dry.  The strawberries made a good combination with the pancakes and ice-cream. The looks itself already look so appealing. The ice-cream melted fast though so better eat it quick! 

Garlic Buttered Prawns $14
Cherry tomato salad at the side. Prawns do not taste fresh. They tasted like processed prawns. This tasted really good during the first few bites but after that, it got really torturous for us to finish as the garlic butter was too overwhelming for our tastebuds. For this pancake, you can choose unsalted butter, salted butter, garlic butter or herb butter as a side serving and we were recommended the garlic butter by the server. That was a totally wrong choice because we were about to explode from the strong taste of garlic butter that lingered on our tastebuds (too jelat). The pancakes itself do not have much taste. I actually prefer McDonald's plain pancakes to Strictly Pancakes as they taste better.

taken from iPhone
For both dishes, the boyfriend and I felt that both were too jelat to be finished by one person. Even the both of us could not finish everything. In our opinion, to happily finish one dish cleanly, you've got to share with 3 people!

I've heard so much raving about Strictly Pancakes. It is rather over-hyped and overrated. Still worth a try though if you're looking for pancakes novelty or to satisfy your pancakes cravings.

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