Monday, 3 September 2012

[Review] Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening & Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash

The Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening & Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash came in the mail over a week ago and I was so excited to put it to use!

For ladies, it is very important to take care of your intimate area by using a good intimate wash. I'm sure almost all of you know about the brand Lactacyd! 

Reasons why you should use a (good) feminine wash is also to protect your intimate area as there are different pH value.etc. If you haven't, it is not too late to start now! It is important to include a feminine wash for your daily care routine as taking care of your v-zone is equally as important as taking care of your body!

Lactacyd Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash 250ml $13.90

• Proven effective in firming and moisturing
• Hydrates and refreshes
• Dermatologically tested
• Made with natural ingredients
• pH Level: 5.2

Natural ingredients: 
• Vitamin E: Antioxidant qualities and destroy free radicals
• Collagen: An abundant protein that hydrates and help fight signs of aging
• Trehalose: A long lasting deodorant moisturiser with moisture-retaining capacity
• Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent
• Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing , anti-itching agent 

This smells more soapy than the white intimate. In terms of fragrance, I prefer the white intimate's. It does good moisturizing to the v-zone so it doesn't feel dry. It feels gentle to my skin and after application, my v-zone feels really smooth and moisturized! I am rather satisfied by the results. 

Recommended usage: twice daily

Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening Daily Feminine Wash 250ml $13.90

Environmental factors can cause intimate dryness and loss of skin elasticity. This is recommended for women who wish to keep their V zone supple, refreshed and moisturized. With Vitamin E and collagen as well as added moisturizers, the skin around your intimate area will be kept supple, firm and smooth. 

• Proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area
• Skin lightening
• Made with natural ingredients
• Ph Level: 5.2 

Natural ingredients:
• Algowhite: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cell thereby reducing darkness, protects by inhibiting free radicals
• Actipone-B: Marine based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness
• Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturising and revitalizing agent
• Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent.

The Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening Feminine wash is the #1st Lightening intimate wash introduced in Singapore.

Can your favourite tight shorts darken your intimate area? Tight clothing creates friction and sweat which in turn can darken the intimate and bikini areas. 

Many women (including men) are self-conscious about their intimate area especially if the skin area  is darker around that zone. 

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They feel embarrassed and this is one thing that prevents them from wearing bikinis, doing certain sports.etc. Well, do not let this problem bother you! White Intimate is here to help you. Get a fairer v-zone within 4 weeks (proven!). 

I really love the smell of this! It smells really good, has a slight sweet floral scent. I'm not sure if it's floral but the scent is to my liking. It is also gentle to my skin. All you need is a thumb-sized amount each time and I find that it produces quite a reasonable amount of lather so you don't have to squeeze out a lot. For the whitening effect, I'll have to use it for a longer period of time before I make any judgement. 

Recommended usage: twice daily


Start investing in a good feminine wash now, whether is it the white intimate wash or the revitalize wash, depending on what you want. Feel youthful and confident anytime, everyday!

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  1. good info! what about guys?

    1. good question! you should ask your dad!

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    1. Thanks for the reviews. I will definitely try it. I just wanna know about VWash Plus too. :)

  4. Agreed with you but not fully as there are many other companies claiming to offer best intimate wash products
    in the market nowadays. Everyone has different skin so its good to try them also.

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