Saturday, 22 September 2012

Skincare Workshop by Academie of Aesthetic of Wellness

Last Saturday, a group of bloggers and I attended a skin workshop by Academie of Aesthetic of Wellness.

Some background information:
About Academie of Aesthetics & Wellness

Shifting away from the traditional focus of training professionals and beauticians, Academie of Aesthetics & Wellness (AAW) has rolled out a series of short yet enriching workshops and training courses specially for consumers. By engaging world-class trainers, we aim to educate individuals to achieving that good looks by equipping them with essential knowledge and practical hands-on experience.

AAW works closely with its international network of partners - Cures by Avance, who is dedicated to the research, development, and training of body-care and skincare treatments that directly addresses the needs and desires of today’s most sophisticated customers.

We are dedicated to the wellness of each of our clients and are committed to care for each client on an individual basis to the best of our knowledge and ability.
(information credits to Academie of Aesthetics & Wellness)

In this workshop, I picked up some tips on how to take care of my skin and how important it is to have a daily skin care regime. Oh dear! I'm such a lazy person and because of my laziness, I can't really be bothered to religiously apply facial products on my face. I know the importance of it but it is just not urgent enough for me to do it. Guess it is time for me to do so! 

Sumita, the speaker of the workshop, told us that since the age of 21, she had a routine skincare regime which she follows everyday. She's now 51 but she looks like she's just in her mid-forties - all thanks to her being diligent enough in taking care of her skin. It is not just the face that you should take care of, but your neck, your hands.etc. By doing so, we will look presentable in front of others. First impression counts!

CURES, a brand by Avancé represents a collection of skin care and body care products that directs its attention on skin conditions, not skin types. It focuses on treating the root cause of the skin condition while offering long-term results.

There's a wide range of Cures skincare products available. Here are some top selling Cures skincare products (information credits to CURES).

CURES Foaming Cleansing Gel
luxurious cleansing foam suitable for all skin conditions
dissolves dirt, residue and makeup for a perfectly clean skin
skin feels refreshed after the deep cleansing while moisture is retained
Great for males and teens! 

CURES Gentle Cleansing Milk

catered for someone with sensitive or dry skin
gentle cleanser allows the skin to breath more freely 
makeup and impurities are dissolved from the surface 
balance the skin’s PH

Keep skin hydrated by using a moisturizer. Use it after you’ve showered and exfoliated in order to lock in moisture.

CURES Anti-Acne Moisturizer
for someone with acne or someone with blemished and oily skin
This moisturizer is also very light and it helps free the skin of particles that cause congestion
acts as a multi-functional purifier and clarifier for the complexion. 

CURES Pore Balancing Moisturizer 
for oily or shiny skin
nice and light on your face which releases the impurities that are trapped in your skin
balances your pH level, to create more even skin
skin feels moisturized without the greasy feeling
doesn’t cause extra oil or shine to the face

CURES Protective Day Crème 
for delicate, irritated or sensitive skin
This moisturizer is a very rich day crème that provides serious hydration. 
delicate skin is protected, and fine lines and puffiness are dismissed. 

Some simple tips on taking care of your skin includes drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day and

having a balanced diet. 

Dos of Skincare
1. Detoxify your system before, during and after your course of treatment.
2. Cleanse skin at least twice a day.
3. Use mask to rid excess oil in between treatment
4. Apply treatment cream for acne during day and night
5. Always use products suited for your skin type.
6. Always use protection cream during daytime to protect from sun and pollutants
7. Use night treatment product to control excess oil secretions and calm skin

The Don'ts of Skincare
1. Squeeze pimples or acne
2. Touch skin or acne area constantly with bare hands.
3. Use make-up during acne treatment
4. Apply different brands of products on top of each other.
5. Neglect treatment - causes skin to be congested again.

I'm glad that I attended this workshop! It has helped me to learn the importance of taking care of my skin from a young age instead of waiting till it's too late. Also, the tips that I have picked up are really useful. I hope you have also learnt something from this blog post!

Ending off with the only picture I have with me ._.

PS: I'm really sorry I lost my memory card so I have no pictures with me at all :( I will upload some pictures when I find the card *hopefully* but there's still a picture of me lol ^^ better than nothing right? :p

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