Saturday, 6 October 2012

7-Eleven: It's a store and more!

It's 2 a.m and you are feeling hungry/bored/tired. There are no 24/7 eateries in sight but you saw a 7-11 outlet! Thank goodness there are several 7-11 outlets around the island!

7-Eleven - It's a store and more! :)
definitely my 1 stop convenience store :) 

Do you know that there are 7-Eleven contests for you to participate?

Simply visit any 7-Eleven outlet and spend $3*.
*purchase excludes cigarettes, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, tickets, lottery sales, new services and fuel purchase.

Take picture with a product you have purchased and share which country you would like to go if you should win the 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest in your blogpost! 

The first prize is $1000 cash and there are 2 consolation prizes worth $500 cash each!!! OMG!!!

Who knows, you may win and you can use that amount to go on a vacation ;)

food, necessities.etc everything under one roof! My late night hunger pangs will be resolved easily ;) 

Spent $3.50 on October's issue of Cleo. Yay to the magazine stand!! 

with my cleo mag :)

You can also get these super hot deals at a special price with a minimum purchase of $3!

For me, if I do win the 7-Eleven Leading Brands contest, I'll like to go to Maldives.

Look at how blue and clear the sea is! It is also my dream to go to Maldives for my honeymoon hehe :D

Snow white beaches surrounded by coral reefs and turqoise lagoons... Sounds like heaven!!


Look at the honeymoon suite at Maldives Rangali Islands Resort!

I'm already thinking of so many activities that I can do there! Scuba diving with sea of fish, water sports.etc Doesn't it seem like a haven for relaxing and unwinding? I'm here looking at the google images and wishing that I can teleport there right now aah!!

Join the contest now :)

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  1. Every nuffnangers hope to have a chance to go Maldives with their love ones. All the best to you in the competition.