Saturday, 20 October 2012

Deadly Ever After at Sentosa 4D Magix

Last Thursday, I was at the Deadly Ever After media preview which was held at Sentosa 4D Magix.

Deadly Ever After tells a story of a woman (Ah Ling) who was betrothed to a dead man and she later found out that she was pregnant with the dead man's child. Find out the story yourself as you go through the Deadly Ever After haunted trail!

MP Mr Baey was there to grace the event on 18th October.

When I took the picture above, the censor could only sense the head of the woman in the poster. Creepy lol!

Marriage is a journey that leads to kinship and eternal bliss. Marriage to the dead? Not so much. 
DEADLY EVER AFTER is a horror fable of two souls shackled by fate and vengeance. What will this ghastly union entail? Can some strange happiness be theirs forevermore? Bear witness to the terrifying production on a trail staged on the premises of Sentosa 4D Magix. credits

Set in the 1970s, the haunted trail will feature different rooms of terror that will allow thrill-seekers to experience the horrifying story of Ah Ling with a walk through the haunted funeral home, ghostly marriage ceremony and creepy surgery theatre and other fright rooms.


The fear factor did not manage to get to me but it did to a certain extent to my partner on that day.  It will be fun to go with your small group of friends. The trail lasts only for 10-15 minutes but at a price of $17, it is relatively reasonable. I was impressed by how some actors were so engrossed in their acting that they were totally into it while some were not which was a disappointment. Role playing definitely could be improved here to make it more professional. Makeup-wise, there is considerable effort and some looked really realistic. It was misses for some though. There could also be more ghosts roaming around the area outside to build up the atmosphere before we enter the trail.

Time for some pictures! *WARNING: MAY BE GRAPHIC*(Just kidding)




I found many better zipper-face makeup tutorials on youtube though! 

Want to see more pictures? Well, it is for you to go and experience it to find out what else is installed for you!

Check out the trailer here:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Tickets are priced at $17 for the Deadly Ever After haunted trail while $28 includes admission to Sentosa Island via the cable car ride and to the haunted trail. At $17, it is the cheapest Halloween haunted trail in Singapore and also relatively affordable if you are looking for a fun trail with cheap Halloween scares.

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