Friday, 12 October 2012

Xin Wang Wee Owls

I am sure you have heard of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe or even dined there before. 

Do you know that Xin Wang (selected outlets) has now extended their opening hours till 4am daily?

You can now go to the nearest Xin Wang Hongkong cafe and enjoy late night dining through the wee hours!

13 out of 16 outlets have extended their opening hours till 4am. If you're feeling hungry in the middle of the night or after clubbing, you can head down to Xin Wang for a delicious supper. No more hungry tummy! The 13 outlets that are opened till 4am are Anchorpoint, Springvale, Cineleisure, Sun Plaza, Changi Airport, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Heartland Mall, West Coast Plaza, Holland Village, White Sands, Marina Square, Yew Tee Point and Northpoint.

With over 200 items on the menu, be prepared to be spoilt for choice. Recently, they have a revamped menu with an addition of over 30 new items! 

Forget about gaining fats and all, let me indulge in this sinful supper!

curry noodles with chicken cutlet: The curry gravy is the essence of this dish. I love it but I had to control myself from eating too much (curry gravy goes really well with the noodles) as there were other dishes waiting for me!

chicken bamboo rice: tender marinated chicken meat with rice! I love the presentation of this dish.

chicken cutlet rice

crispy fried chicken in a basket with crackers: I like the idea of crackers being served with the fried chicken. The chicken meat is good however I find it too oily for my liking as there's this layer of fats under the chicken skin.

har gow and char siew bun

Hor Fun with Shrimps: They are rather generous with the servings of the shrimps. There has got to be at least 6 shrimps inside!

Pork Ribs Vermicelli Soup: We all love the soup broth! I am not a fan of the pork ribs though.

We also had a jigsaw puzzle game where individuals pair up together and the fastest to piece up the jigsaw puzzle wins a prize! My partner and I had a fun time piecing up the little pieces together even though it was a tedious process.

Desserts was served after.

peanut rice balls 

Authentic hongkong desserts!!
We were also served a variety of assorted desserts to try. My favourite has got to be the mango dessert with ice-cream which is really refreshing.

snow-iced version! Mountain of ice with mango bits. So pretty isn't it?

group photo (credits to Xue Ling)
If you're wondering what we were holding, it's the wee owls membership card! I can haz rebates :P

credits: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Facebook
A picture of me with Brad. 

Me and the cute Xin Wang Wee Owl!

Don't forget to like Xin Wang's Facebook page and participate in this on-going contest. All you have to do is look out for Wee Owls in the restaurant and snap a photo together with them and post the photo on their facebook wall. and 3 lucky winners will stand a chance to win special limited edition WEE OWLS membership card! For more information, do visit their facebook page.


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  1. your post really make me tempted to eat all of that food except the pork dishes (i'm malay) btw feel free to visit my blog .
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