Thursday, 17 January 2013

Feecha - Your Neighbourhood News App

Remember my blogpost on Feecha (a mobile app made in Singapore)?

The Version 1 for Feecha launched last year to 50,000 readers in Singapore and Malaysia and now there's a Version 2 that is faster, bigger and better. Woohoo!!

Feecha is the neighbourhood news app to see what’s happening around you – for example, a live band performing at the local bar, a really good dish at the hawker center, a funny observation on the MRT, a sale at the corner shop, or just a nice cafĂ© to chill with friends.

Once you download the app, it will lead you to this page:

Simply sign in or sign up for an account if you do not already have one.

Use Activity view to browse through smaller feechas that aren’t popular enough to make the map. If you see a good one, heart it so it can grow bigger. 

Each feecha is a piece of news.

The bigger the feecha, the more popular; unpopular feechas get smaller over time.
see the cute animals around? They are the neighbourhood animals.

If you follow an animal, that animal will bring you feechas from its neighbourhood; this may be useful if you want to always know what’s happening in a certain area. I just followed a cat at the Orchard Rd area. By following the cat, I will receive updates from the Orchard Rd area.

Check out what interesting stuffs I have found! A set meal at Manhattan Fish Market at only $12.95?!

Blackbird Cafe? Never heard before! But it seems like some user has posted a good review about it. Thanks for the tip! Now I know where to go when I am around the vicinity.

Feecha pulls from multiple sources like Instagram (like what the user above did),  Foursquare and Meetup and then shows you what’s relevant about your neighbourhood. The FeechaRank engine curates what’s good and relevant versus what’s not. It’s the only app that can tell you what’s happening in say, Bukit Batok or Clemnenti. 

You may also leave comments in a feecha.

Treasure Hunt Contest:

Open the app every time you are in a new area to play the Treasure Hunt. There will be a shovel icon where you can click on the map. 

If you’re lucky, you might win a prize! There are tablets, wireless headphones, speakers, gift certificates, t-shirts, caps and tote bags to be won. 

Check out for more details.” [Note: the website is not yet live, but please go to for a preview] Click on the link to view the prize list! 

The map shows only the biggest feechas. Zooming out to all of Singapore, for example, will show only the top stories for all of Singapore. You can also zoom the map out to see which place in Singapore is most happening (based on size of Feecha), in this case, Orchard Rd of course!

Perhaps when you're queuing up for the female toilet (always long queue right?!), you can open Feecha and see what is going on around the area you are at and see what everyone has been posting about there. 

People post stuffs on Feecha and their posts are pinned to the map for people to discover.Discover something new and interesting and explore! 

Check out their facebook page for daily picks of cool feechas:

Feecha is free for iPhone and Android.
Go to to download the app or download it at the app store / play store.

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