Saturday, 12 January 2013

[Review] Biore Skin Facial Foam (Mild + Scrub)

So happy to receive these in the mail - Biore Skin Facial Foam (mild) and Biore Skin Facial Foam (Scrub)

I am going to do a review on the 2 facial foams. Firstly, let me fill you in about this new Biore facial foam.

The new Biore facial foam is the first cleanser that supports and boost skin’s natural ability to self-renew!

New! Biore Facial Foam series has…. 
1) High cleansing ability vs. competitors. 
2) Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin. 
3) The first cleanser that works to rebalance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at Uzone (cheek and chin).

What is so special?
They have a Skin Cleansing Technology innovation. Their Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) has high cleansing efficacy ability as well as no penetration to skin (therefore no damage to skin). 
- non-residue
- non-irritating
- vitalize skin 

Advice is to use it for 14 days consecutively in order to see results in skin improvement
1) More hydrated skin
2) Less clogged pores and reduction in sebum
3) Lighten marks and blemishes

(information credits to Biore)

Biore Skin Facial Foam - MILD

I love the feminine yet not overwhelming scent. The facial foam is really gentle on my skin. I have a combination of oily and dry skin so I chose the mild facial foam which is a better fit for my skin type. It balances my skin, while not making the t-zone oilier and not stripping away moisture from my dry cheeks. This is a great facial cleanser for daily use, especially when you have a hard time finding a good cleanser to deal with oily and dry skin at the same time.


Biore Skin Facial Foam - SCRUB

I was surprised by how mild this scrub is. Definitely great for people with sensitive skin. Harsh cleansing agents is one cause for skin problems. We are always told to exfoliate our face at least once per week but usually the scrubs we use are too harsh on our skin. For this, the exfoliation feeling feels gentle to the skin yet it does the job of exfoliating. This is great for people who have the habit of scrubbing their faces regularly. With a gentle exfoliating scrub, your skin will be thinned and damaged from excessive and inappropriate scrubbing. This scrub is also suitable for all skin types, whether or not you have dry or oily skin.

picture taken before using the scrub and mild facial foam

after picture
taken after 1.5 weeks of regular usage of the new biore facial scrub and mild cleanser

Face definitely feels cleaner and brighter after regular use! The Biore facial foam series also include "Extra Moist" (for dehydrated skin) and "Acne" (blemish prone) facial foam.

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