Monday, 7 January 2013

Saveur - affordable french food

The Christmas dinner I had at Saveur was sort of disappointing but I still wanted to go back to try their ala carte menu.

We waited 25 minutes for a table on a Saturday afternoon. Given its popularity and relatively affordable french food, it is no surprise that the restaurant was full house throughout their opening hours. Even towards their closing hours in the afternoon, starters were still being prepared for customers who finally got a table!

Pan-seared duck liver served with apple-infused port wine and vanilla bean

Portion is bite-sized and I don't think it is really worth the price of $9.90. It could be slightly bigger though. Side track a bit: The foie gras I had tried at Absinthe was $29 but portion was generous and was at least 4 times bigger than Saveur's portion, and also tasted better. There are 2 types of foie gras on the menu so I will suggest you to get the $7.90 one if you're just looking to try out foie gras or to satisfy your cravings.

A signature of Saveur’s, pasta tossed with chili oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu & sakura ebi with minced pork sauce

The sakura ebi goes well with the pasta. It tasted somewhat like maggi mee, in a good way. For just $4.90, it is worth a try, but not a must try.

Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauté shiitake mushroom, orange segments, & orange infused natural jus 

This has got to be one of my favourite dishes there. The skin is crispy. The meat does not stick to the bones and is very tender at the thigh area. I love the sauté shiitake mushroom. It made a great combination together with the mashed potato and the duck confit.  

-must try-

Pan-seared sea bass, diced sauté potato with crabmeat, french beans, & caper vinaigrette

this dish did not win me over but it was a good dish nonetheless. I like how they add a little crabmeat on top of the diced potatoes.

Chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken raspberries, roasted rice puffs, chocolate tuile & praline

Creative presentation of the dish and pleasant combination of the hazelnuts, rice puffs and raspberries with the chocolate mousse. It would be a chore for one person to finish the whole dessert by yourself so do order this to share! The BF and I ordered this to share and it ended up with me struggling to finish it by myself despite me being a chocolate lover. If you like your food pretty, please do not stir/mix the dessert as it will end up looking like shit and spoiling your appetite (which was what my partner did lol).

Overall, Saveur is a good place to visit if you're craving for french food at affordable prices.

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