Friday, 22 February 2013

Reunion Dinner at Guilin Restaurant & CNY

I had so many pineapple tarts this lunar new year! I guess most people celebrate CNY just for the sake of the tradition and not because of more important reasons such as bonding with relatives and spending quality time together. 

Our first reunion dinner was at Guilin Restaurant! We ordered the regular dinner set menu instead of the festive menu. If I am not wrong, the minimum pricing of the festive menu was at least $500+ which is rather ridiculous!

Fen-Fang Crispy Nest Combination Cold Dish

Braised Golden Coin Shark's Fins with Crab Meat
I love this! 
Am I gonna get slammed for posting this up? I don't eat shark fin on a regular basis and I do eat shark meat. After all it is so expensive.

Pan Fried Prawn Ball with Egg White & Salted Egg
This dish's a hot favourite. The batter is crispy and the combination is so good!

Braised Fresh Abalone with Japan Barbecue Sauce
Abalone is quite hard and difficult to chew. This is rather mediocre.

Saute├ęd Fresh Scallop & Clam Meat w/ Szechuan Pepper

Barbecue Peking Duck
So oily but yummy! This is a DIY dish.

Steamed Live Grouper in Chao-Shan Style

Fried Ee-Fu with Chinese Chive
I didn't try this because I was too full but it looked normal so..

some sea coconut dessert I think!


ootd for day 1! Love my topshop dress!

nails for CNY. 
DIY-ed it myself and kinda got mocked by my friends because of the lousy skills -_- Not bad what!

with bf. no idea why I stood one step higher lol

CNY day 2! 

loving the dress that I got from ASOS ^_^

That's about it. I hope you had a great time this CNY too :)

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