Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail: Aloha Ma Maison

If you have followed me through my journey of the Bugis+ Food Trail,  this will be the last blog post for it!

I was pleased to know that Aloha Ma Maison was our 11th and final stop of the food trail. The exterior of the restaurant intrigues me a lot and I was thus keen to try out what they have to offer. 

Aloha Ma Maison

Aloha Ma Maison is a Hawaiian restaurant under the Ma Maison restaurant chain.

Look at all the frames being hung up on the wall! They really put in a lot of effort to do up everything.

It has a nice ambience and it makes me feel like I am dining at some tourist resort!

Here, we sampled the mixed fruit pancakes which was a sweet ending to the food trail! My stomach could not take in any more food but well, there is always space left for desserts.

Mixed Fruits Pancake (w/o whipped cream $13.80)
The pancakes are entirely homemade including the whipped cream. I suppose this is a healthy type of sin right? I feel less guilty eating this because of the fruits teehee! There are 5 small pancakes in total with cubes of dragonfruit, honeydew, banana, strawberries...

There are 3 syrups to go along, maple, coconut and guava.
I am not a fan of coconut but the coconut syrup goes well with the pancakes! If you're intending to go there, you should try the coconut syrup and guava syrup instead of just sticking to the conventional maple syrup. 

Mixed Fruits Pancake (w whipped cream $15.80) 
There is an additional $2 top-up for whipped cream. Look at the towering level of whipped cream. They are so generous with the serving portion! If you think that you won't be able to finish the whipped cream, you are wrong. Our plate was wiped off cleanly with no trace of whipped cream left! 

Our fallen tower of whipped cream because it was so high! 

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The pancakes did not disappoint me and the whipped cream was a great complement to the dish.

Here's their Facebook page.

Address: 201 Victoria Street #01-12 Bugis+ 
Tel:(65) 68844471

Opens daily from 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

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