Friday, 8 March 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail: Ramen Champion

8th stop of Bugis+ Food Trail:

Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion houses a couple of ramen stalls, where residency is determined by a competitive and friendly customer voting system. Diners fill out forms evaluating their meals. The rankings are then posted each month. The best will stay! We lucky ones get to savour the best ramen imported from Japan!

Here, we get to sample 8 different types of ramen.

I am happy to discover a place where they sell yummy ramen! I like my ramen with rich and thick soup broth! All of their soup bases are so rich that every sip will leave you wanting for more because it is that addictive.

happy diners with the delicious bowls of ramen in front of us!

1st up,

From Iroha

King's Ramen $18

The soup broth is chicken shoyu and has a miso base. Curly ramen is used for this. There are 5 pieces of generously thick chashu laid out, sprinkled with pepper around. It tastes as good as it looks!


From Gantetsu

King Chashu Ramen $15

noodle: curly egg ramen soup
The soup base is creamy miso with a balanced amount of chicken and pork. Broth for this is mild and has a subtle ginger taste due to the shredded ginger in it. The pork chasu is thinly sliced and is very tender. A special miso recipe is used to create that exclusive taste. 


From Aoyama

Special Tonkotsu Ramen $15

The noodles for this is the thin type. There are black pepper added into the broth. The egg and pork are not marinated so that the original taste of the broth will be maintained.


From Ikkousha

God Fire Ramen $15.50
This has got to be one of my favourite! For this ramen, they come in 4 different level of spiciness ranging from spicy to dangerous. We were served the least spicy version and it is moderately spicy. I will only be game enough to try up to the 3rd level of spiciness even though I love spicy food. Spicy ramen lovers will love this!


From Taishoken

Cold & Spicy Tsukemen $15
This ramen is unique to Ramen Champion in Singapore and it is not available in Japan. This bowl of cold and spicy tsukemen has been customized for Singapore's hot climate. It seeks to give the person eating it a winter-feel when the ramen is being dipped into the cold sauce. This ramen is especially popular in the months of April and June when the weather is scorching hot all month. This is also the only dry ramen available. Spicy flavourful minced pork is served at the side (hidden behind the bowl of ramen). 

You can choose whether you want the spicy dipping sauce (contains chilli oil) or the non-spicy dipping sauce (sesame oil is used instead).


King Chashu Ramen $15

broth is so rich and tasty. Look at the runny egg yolk. So delish! 


From Ikkousha 

Spicy Takana Ramen $15
The broth is spicy and slightly sour when if you mix the takana (preserved vegetables in the middle) in it. The spicy takana is homemade. I find this broth to be so flavourful and addictive at the same time. This is one of my favourites too and I like the thin ramen used in this bowl of ramen.


From Bario

Ajitama Ramen $14.50

thick yellow noodles is used for this ramen. The signature Bario noodles are thick and chewy, and very filling for the stomach. I am not a fan of thick yellow noodles though. This bowl of ramen has to be eaten hot as it will not taste as good when it is cold due to the thicker broth. 

Look at the generous serving of beansprouts and cabbage (underneath)! What a pleasing sight. You can also add chopped garlic inside if it is to your liking.

If you are itching for a bowl of authetic tasting ramen, you know where to go now! ;)

see you soon, Ramen Champion. I will be back for more!

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