Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bugis+ Food Trail: Seoul Yummy

If you're interested, do check out part 1, 2 and 3 of the bugis+ food trail. We went to 11 eateries in total and Seoul Yummy was our 7th stop!

7th stop: Seoul Yummy

featuring... Korean Casual Dining

If you're around the vicinity and are looking for a restaurant that sells korean food, do check out Seoul Yummy! One of the must tries is the Army Stew which you will see later on.

side dishes are served to you while you wait for your orders to arrive.

Korean ginseng chicken soup.
*Half chicken $15.90 *whole chicken $24.90
I dislike ginseng but somehow, I love this soup because of its subtle ginseng taste. The chicken meat is very tender. The soup is not at all oily and is very nutritious and flavourful. The glutinous rice underneath all that goodness is delightful as it absorbed the broth well.

Spicy rice cake (ddukbokki). $6.90

Braised pork belly with kimchi $8.90
I do not eat pork belly yet this dish is to my liking! The braised pork belly is fatty and tender. I am guilty of only eating the meat though :x 

Kimchi pancake $6.90
The pancake is very flavourful and with every bite, you can taste the kimchi in it. It tasted just like kimchi, except in a pancake version!

Besides kimchi pancake, they have other types of pancake as well such as the kimchi & seafood pancake and spicy chicken & cheese potato pancake!

Army's stew with assorted meat and seafood, ala carte @ $36.90
They have luncheon meat, fish, squid, sotong, prawns.etc inside. This has got to be my favourite among all the dishes that I have tried. The soup will be quite spicy for those of you who can't take spiciness. The spiciness is quite shiok and bearable though. I'm missing this already! 

There are currently having a promotion.

Set meal for two @49.90++ including:
* two Korean roasted barley tea
* one choice of army's stew
* assorted popular side dishes
* two multi-grains rice
* one choice of appetiser
* one choice of dessert

Seoul Yummy is located at Bugis+ Level 4.

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