Sunday, 17 March 2013

[Review] Biore UV Watery Essence

I have a love-hate relationship with the sun! I love being outdoors but I hate how my skin gets sunburnt easily. It is important to wear sunscreen out especially since Singapore is summer all year round. The thing is I hate wearing sunscreen because I have the perception that sunscreen will make my face oilier and I always make my laziness as an excuse to not wear it.

Well,  look what came into the mail! 

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No.1 Sunscreen in Japan since 2011.

Biore UV Watery Essence.. UV watery essence? Sounds interesting. Read on to find out about my take on this product!

I have never used a water-based sunscreen before. Usually, sunscreen are oil-based and it always makes my already oily face oilier especially under such a sweltering hot weather. This Biore UV Watery Essence is water-based and has a high SPF formula which is perfect for hot and humid climate in Singapore. 

The sunscreen glides down easily on hand I had to take the picture fast! The texture turns into water when applied to skin. It is light and cool, just like water. 

After application
Don't you hate how some sunblocks have absorbency as an issue?  The Biore UV Watery Essence absorbs really quickly into my skin. There is no white overcast after application. It doesn't feel the least bit oily or sticky even after some time. 

The sunscreen has a subtle lemon scent and I feel like there is a slight hint of alcohol but there is none. After application, the scent is gone so it feels like I did not apply anything on my face which I did! My skin feels slightly refreshed after application as well. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid and citrus extract where they have the ability to hydrate and soften your skin.

This is my favourite sunscreen currently! With the problems I am facing now gone, there won't be any excuses for me not to use any sunscreen anymore.

The Biore UV Watery Essence (50 ml) is retailing at $18.90 at selected supermarkets and pharmacies. 

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