Sunday, 10 March 2013

[Review] Vita Green Lingzhi

In this blog post, I will be introducing to you a health product which most of you are probably not familiar with.

Health, beauty

What is Lingzhi?


I have highlighted the main points for easy reading! Lingzhi is regarded as "God's herb" and is famous for its medicinal properties. 

Chinese, herbs

Each colour of Lingzhi serve different functions and benefits
• white for lungs
• green for liver and eyes
• black for brain and kidneys
• violet for replenish vital energy
• red for joints skin and heart
• yellow for spleen and  intestines

The Vita Green Lingzhi contains ALL 6 types of wild lingzhi which can be seen as an innovation breakthrough product. In other words, it is just like an all-rounder product and your overall health will be benefited by the consumption of Vita Green Lingzhi. 

Studies have also shown that...

-antioxidant levels were boosted significantly just within 90 minutes after taking this product 
-people with borderline high blood pressure and high cholesterol found a balanced blood fat level and sugar level 
-daily consumption of the product can strengthen the body's immune system
-protect kidneys
-anti-fatique effects

Beauty benefits:
• anti-­‐aging
• antioxidant
• reduce allergy symptoms
• reduce white hair
• reduce age spots
• help sleep

I did a little research and found some other benefits of consuming Lingzhi which were not mentioned here.

anti-cancer (prevent tumors, fight cancer)
testerone (sexual function and muscle growth)
blood thinning (treat high blood pressure)
greater energy & increased healing, 

Amazing how miraculous this product is yes?

The small bottle is very light and portable so you can bring it on trips.etc It won't take up much space.

Here's how the capsules look like. They are small and easy to swallow. The taste is somewhat like chinese medicine but is tolerable since it is in the form of a capsule pill. 

Prevention is always better than cure! Your health is something you have to start taking care of when you are young. Once you lose it, it will be hard to retrieve it back. If you are looking for a general health product/tonic, I will recommend this to you. It is suitable for all ages. Price is on the steep side, but you pay for what you get. 

For more information about Lingzhi, this link may be helpful to you for a better understanding of the product:

The Vita Green Lingzhi (72 capsules/bottle) can be found at Guardian and retails at an introductory offer of $109 (usual $129).

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