Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tanyoto 谭鱼头 Steamboat Buffet

Tanyoto Steamboat

I saw that there was a pretty good deal of Tanyoto Steamboat on qoo10 and decided to give it a try with my family. The original price of the steamboat is $28.80 for adults and we paid $21.80 per pax (even though on qoo10, it was stated that the original price's $49.90 or something like that? They sure know how to mark up the price and make the deal look so good!). There is also free flow barley drink.

The ambience is good. It is air-conditioned and the place is clean too. You order the food and it will be served to you at the comfort of your table. Selection is rather limited but at this price, there is nothing to complain as there are prawns and crabs after all.

We had 2 soup bases - Tom Yum and Clear Fish soup

The tom yum soup base was not overwhelming. In fact, the tom yum taste was too bland for my liking. The clear fish soup was okay. 

We were told to order whatever we want from a menu (and so we did). However, they gave us several ingredients in which we did not order and told us that we could just eat what we want and if we don't want it, they will take it back. I find that it is quite a waste of food and I am not sure if they really do throw away those food that were on our table for quite some time (that we rejected because we did not order).

2 fish heads were included and they were really huge.

There were quite a number of condiments to choose from. The peanut sauce surprisingly went well with the fish meat. 

The crab meat was surprisingly sweet.

I love their fried pancakes! It was really good. We could not resist and ordered 2 servings of it.

Overall, it is worth a try if you are a fan of fish head steamboat or steamboats. 

177 River Valley Road 
#01-25/25A Liang Court

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