Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail: Everything with Fries

Check out my first food trail here!

This time round, we had a food trail at Bugis Junction which took place yesterday. There were a total of 10 stops so stay tuned for the rest of the blog posts which will be coming up!

1st stop:
Everything with Fries

diners will be greeted with this before they're seated. so artsy!

1st up.. One Egg Soup $6.90
house special made from one egg!
Can you believe this soup is only made from one egg?! If you are a fan of eggs and soup, you should try this. It tasted eggy and creamy at the same time, definitely something different from the usual clam chowder soup, tomato soup.etc

Skinny Wings $6.90
This skinny wings is skinnier than the usual skinny wings *feels less sinful after taking one* It was a tad oily though. But the skin is very crispy and the meat is very tender.

Char-Grilled Char Siew $15.90
handrolled pork belly roulade, char-grilled with garlic sauce
I am not a fan of pork belly but this pork belly is good! The meat is very tender and juicy and it goes well with the garlic sauce. Pork belly lovers will love this! 

Char-grilled Beef Karubi $21.90
Boneless US prime beef short-rib, braised then char-grilled
The meat is really tender and easy to chew. It is also very lean. This dish is served with truffle oil fries and I could not stop taking the fries because they are so good!

Steak with Tulang $25.90
char-grilled ribeye steak (280g) served with a red wine enriched steak sauce, with seared and grilled bone marrow, sauteed mushrooms and thick cut fries with curry fries
This is part of the seasonal menu so try it before it is not available anymore! 

Grilled Pork Chop $13.90
The meat is thick and juicy. I find the meat slightly too tough to my liking. Then again, I am not a fan of pork chops!

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich $11.90
char-flamed whole chicken leg with ewf's own tandoori marinade
The sauce did not make the bread soggy which is a plus point. The chicken leg is tender and lean.

Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90
crispy crumbs over melt-in-the-mouth salmon
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this salmon is made from sashimi-grade salmon! The outer layer of crumbs is so crisp and goes so well with the soft semi-cooked salmon. Slightly salty though. Other than that, this is perfect! 

Everything with Fries has a really clean ambience and is a great place to chit chat and have a meal with your friends. Be sure to try their aesthetically pleasing desserts which I am sure it will taste good too (especially the vanilla crepe! I am a sucker for crepe cakes.). 

Opening Hours: 
Daily from 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 12pm - 10.30pm

 Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, Level 4 

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