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Bugis Junction Food Trail: Fish & Co.

7th stop:
Fish & Co.

The 7th stop of the food trail was at Fish & Co. I have tried many items from Fish & Co's menu so I was not really looking forward to this station. But to my surprise....... Fish & Co actually has a new menu with many new food items that we were about to try! *hooray*

Here's their new food menu. It looks like a magazine isn't it? How creative!

All the food sampled here are from the new menu.

first up:

Clams with Curry Butter 
Another award dish in the making. Taste the freshness and sweetness of the clams in curry butter sauce. Served with warm bread.
I love the curry butter sauce! This is something different from the usual garlic lemon butter that we always have. It is midly spicy so non-spicy takers can eat this as well. Warm bread is served so that diners can utilize the remaining curry butter sauce because it is so yummy.

Mussels with Spicy Marinara $11.95
award-winning blue mussels with homemade zesty spicy marinara sauce. served with warm bread
For this, you can choose either the spicy marinara or garlic lemon butter sauce. I recommend you to try the spicy marinara. The sauce is moderately spicy (not very spicy) and I feel that it will make a good pasta sauce because I really like the subtle spiciness of it.

Soft Shell Crab Salad
I love soft shell crab and eating this makes me feel less guilty because it is a salad. Look at the abundance of lettuce underneath that sinful-looking soft shell crab. I find that the soft shell crab is a little greasy but still acceptable. 

Shrimp & Clam Aglio Olio Spicy aglio olio $14.95
tossed with fresh shrimps and clams. Spicy good! Get ready for some fiery boost!
The spiciness level for this is moderate. I find that this is not spicy enough for me so it should be tolerable for those who can't really take spicy food. I like the taste of the aglio olio but I find that it was rather oily at the base.

Black Pepper Chicken Baked Rice Baked 
paella rice with succulent black pepper chicken
Look at the generous layer of cheese on top! It looks so appetizing and delectable.

The texture of the paella rice was cooked nicely. The grains of rice are moist and flavoursome. The chicken dices are tender and marinated well. There is no distinct taste of black pepper and thus it does not overwhelm the whole dish. 

Seafood Galore $22.95
A pair of perfectly grilled king prawns, flavourful curry butter clams and grilled white fish, served with paella rice and chips
Visually, the highlight of this dish is the grilled king prawns. They are so huge, juicy and fresh. The curry butter clams need no more introduction. If you want to try the curry butter clams, you can simply order the Seafood Galore as a main and the curry butter clams will be your sides! Unfortunately, I find the paella rice here slightly dry. 

Bombay Fish & Chips $16.95
all-time favourite Fish & Chips with an Indian herbs-and-spicy twist. 
I was really surprised by the serving size of the fish!

The Bombay Fish & Chips is good but it is a pity that I am unable to appreciate the taste of the Indian herbs.  

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops Juicy scallops $18.95
coupled with tender grilled Peri-Peri chicken
It was a pity that I did not get to try the scallops. The peri-peri sauce makes a good combination with the grilled chicken. I love the mashed potato. The middle of the mashed potato is drizzled with some sauce and it makes the otherwise dry mashed potato moist and creamy. It also brings out the taste of it. I would have eaten more if not for the limited space left in my stomach. 

Grilled Fish with Ebiko (seasonal menu: launched 15th April)
picture wasn't taken in time and by then, everybody tucked in already ;_;
Ebiko is placed on top of the grilled fish. Ebi means prawns or shrimps in Japanese. If you like ebiko, you should like this. I find it average only though.

Posed for the camera while wearing a paper shark hat since everyone was at it lol! 

Head down to Fish & Co. and try out their new menu soooon!

Their latest promotions are as follows:
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- 1-for-1 Paris Passion Mocktail
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Opening hours:
Sun - Thur: 11:30am to 9:30pm
Fri/Sat/Eve of PH/PH: 11:30am to 10pm
*Alfresco dining available

Tel: 6338 2836

Address: Bugis Junction 80 Middle Road #01-90 Parco Bugis Junction Singapore 188966

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