Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bugis Junction Food Trail: Kazokutei

5th stop: 

"Kazokutei offers udon from both eastern and western Japan, with 2 different types of soup bases. Kokudashi Udon is from Eastern Japan where katsuo bushi (dried bonito) is typically used to make a stronger flavoured soup, while Shira Dashi Udon is from Western Japan where konbu (sea tangle) is generally used to make a sweeter taste soup."

Do take note that the food are prepared in sampling portion for the food tasting session and not the actual served portion. 

Zaru Soba - the soba sauce was served to us already underneath the soba. Thankfully, the soba noodles were not completely soaked in the sauce and thus the soba noodles were not soggy. The texture of the noodles is just right. The sauce and noodles will be served separately when you order the regular portion.

The sushi on the other hand was disappointing, but the tamago and beancurd skin were the saving grace. Both were sweet and savoury.

Zaru Udon - The udon is very springy and qq. I love it! The texture of the noodles is very smooth and I can suck the noodles up easily. For me, I prefer the udon over the soba noodles.


The (Zaru Udon + soba mix) is available at $8.90 if you will like to try both.

Recommended items:

credits to Kazokutei
Mix Zaru & Mix Tempura Set $12.90

credits to Kazokutei
Shokado Wazen Set $16.90

Check out their full menu here.

Tel: 6338 0187
Address: Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street, #02-49, Singapore 188021 

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