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Bugis Junction Food Trail: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Bugis Junction Food Trail

3rd stop:
Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

As the name suggests, Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant is famous for their steamed buns and xiao long baos. Diners get to enjoy authentic tastes of Shanghai here.

Nanxiang Drunken Chicken $8.50
Cold dish. The chicken meat is very tender and keeps you wanting for more.

Braised Lion Head balls
This is made and accustomed for the health-conscious people. In China, they use 50% fats, 50% ingredients to make these balls. Here at Nanxiang, only 20% fats are used. The sauce is very flavourful and makes the overall dish more appetizing.

Xie Huang Fen Pi 蟹黄粉皮
The (粉皮) jelly-like sheets are very smooth so it is difficult to use just the chopsticks alone to pick the sheets up. It is especially delicious when you put in lots of vinegar. 

Xie Huang Vermicelli  蟹黄面线
This dish is made the same way as the previous dish but different noodles is used. If you prefer vermicelli to the jelly-like sheets, pick this! You can see chunks of crab roe everywhere! 

The famous Xiao Long Baos 小龙包!
This needs no introduction. The XLB's skin is not thick and floury yet it can steadily hold the soup broth in it without breaking. The meat has absorbed the broth's flavour and is very flavourful. This is a must-order food item when you are here!

King Sized Nanxiang Crab Roe Steamed Soup Bun $7.80
This is something really unique! Each time I am here, I will see people sucking the broth out of this mega version of XLB. I always thought that this is a mega sized XLB but turns out that I am not completely correct! Unlike the usual XLB, this is filled to the brim with crab roe soup. It's like a small bowl of soup not in a bowl, but in a bun. So creative!

Shanghai Spicy & Sour Soup $8.50
This is slightly spicy for me but it will be spicy for those who can't take spicy food. The texture of the soup is thick yet not starchy. The taste is rich and strong, and lingers on one's tastebuds. If you enjoy tangy combinations, get this.

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 Tel: 65 6835 7577
Address: 200 Victoria Street #02-53 Bugis Junction S(188021)

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