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Bugis Junction Food Trail: Platypus Kitchen

Read about the first stop of the food trail here.

2nd stop:
Platypus Kitchen

"We believe that gourmet food should be affordable"

Platypus Kitchen specializes in handmade pasta and risotto with gourmet ingredients such as truffles, caviar.etc which are not common to find in restaurants. Platypus Kitchen is committed to keeping prices below $20. All dishes are below $20 (yes, you've read it right!) including the set meals. Set meals are under $19 and they include a salad and soup. They are definitely good deals! 

Forget about regular beers. They are too mainstream! Try Platypus's special beer cocktails.

Left: Smith S Ale $9.90
large beer infused with green apples and lemons, then garnished with freh apples, lemon and passion fruit (2.9% ABV)
Right: Momo-lychee Ale $9.90
large beer flavoured with fresh peach and lychee nectar, then garnished with mint sprigs and fresh lychees (2.9% ABV)
I only tried this because I do not fancy beer. This is a hot favourite among the bloggers. It is sweet and refreshing.

Truffle Fries $6.90
thick cut french fries seasoned with white truffle oil and topped with shaved truffles
Many places are selling truffle fries now but they don't top it with real truffles! The truffle fries at Platypus Kitchen has real shaved truffles as toppings and it is so yummy and addictive!

Crab Cakes $12.90
3 potato fritters stuffed with large chunks of crab claw meat, deep fried and served with lemon
$12.90 for 3 potato fritters?! That's because they are stuffed with generous chunks of crab claw meat! You can taste the authentic crab meat with every bite. They definitely did not scrimp on the crab meat!

Risotto Balls $8.90
mozzarella-stuffed balls of risotto, breaded in panko then deep fried and served over rich pumpkin puree
I wouldn't know that these balls are made of risotto if I wasn't told. On closer inspection, I could see those rice grains in that ball of risotto. It is something unique that I will recommend you to try if you don't intend to get risotto dishes. The pumpkin puree is a great complement to the risotto balls too.

Saffron & Caviar Risotto $19.90
saffron infused risotto with char-grilled prawns and scallops then finished wih sustainable caviar and fine herbs
Not the best risotto that I have tried but still awesome! Look at that generous spoonful of caviar toppings resting nicely on top of the risotto. The saltiness of the caviar goes well with the lighter taste of the risotto. Risotto is moist, not too wet, not too dry. I super love the scallops here too!

Squid-Ink Scallop Ragout $16.50
squid-ink tagliolini served with seared bay scallops in a light garlic-sauce
Usually the reason that is stopping people from ordering squid-ink pasta is because they are afraid that the black squid ink will stain their teeth. Fret not!! This squid-ink pasta is made in such a way to ensure that the squid ink does not stay to the teeth. The squid ink is rolled onto the dough itself! So much effort has been put into this dish. The diner's worries are thoroughly put into consideration into the making of this dish so you can safely order this dish and not worry about looking unglamorous during your date. This is also one of my favourites. To find out how yummy it is, try it out yourself!

Carbonara $14.50
linguini tossed with double-smoked bacon in an egg-yolk cream sauce

I love you Carbonara! Despite the bacon being soaked into the sauce, it was not soggy and soft. The egg-yolk cream sauce (I hate egg-yolks but the taste of the egg-yolk is very subtle here) is rich yet not overwhelming. It is a good carbonara pasta!

Spicy Diablo Crab & Prawn $18.50
egg tagliolini with prawns and crab claw meat tossed in a spicy egg sauce
They have 4 levels of spiciness here but it is not stated in the menu. You will have to request for extra spiciness if you want. This is one of my favourites too! I am going to try the second or third level of spiciness the next time I go there. Look at the towering portion of crab claw meat. They are indeed generous with the portion and you only pay $18.50 for this dish of goodness! I feel that this dish will suit the Singaporean taste bud as it tasted kinda asian to me. 

Pressed Pork Belly $19.90
supple crispy-skin pork belly served with braised apples, garden vegetables and a honey & clove apple glaze
The sauce was poured on the spot when this dish was served. So if you want to add in the sauce according to your own preferences, you can let the server know. The next time you eat pork belly, think about it as being loaded with collagen so you won't feel as guilty :P I am not a fan of pork belly but this is really good. The meat is tender and absorbs the sauce well. 

Iced Sea Salt Caramel $6.90
sea salt & caramel butter cream, chocolate peanut butter brittle, ganache and popping candy
Popping candy is placed on top of that slice of perfection. It is so fun to eat because with every bite, you can literally hear the popping candy popping inside your mouth! If you have a sweet tooth, you must try this! I love desserts but I cannot stand desserts that are too sweet. Thankfully, as sweet as this dessert may look, it is not overly sweet, just to my liking :) 

The menu that we have tried is the autumn/winter menu. The menu will be changed next month so hurry down to try the current menu before they change it! I can't wait to go back for more!

Platypus Kitchen is having a 12-week promo. You can redeem something free every week. The last offer was free Popping Candy Sea Salt Caramel Cake. Check out their Facebook for more details!

Opening Hours: 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Tel: 6333 4434
Address: 200 Victoria Street #03-29/29A Bugis Junction 

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