Monday, 15 April 2013

[Review] Liese Bubble Hair Color - Jewel Pink

I was elated to receive this Liese bubble hair dye in Jewel Pink in the mailbox! For those of you who wants to try out bolder colours such as pink but lack the courage, the Jewel Pink will be a good choice as a starter.

Here's the colour guide

Here's how my hair looked like before the dye. It looks HORRENDOUS I know! For a couple of months, I did not touch up my root hair so when I used the liese Milk Tea Brown on my whole head, the result was this. I'll treat it as a special kind of ombre hair lol.

I love Liese because their concept is very simple and easy to use. Simply pour in solution 1 (the colouring) into solution 2 (the larger bottle) and then slowly turn the bottle back and forth to mix the solutions. Be sure not to shake it. After that, replace the cap with the pink dispenser. Put on your gloves and start colouring your hair! A rinse-off treatment is provided in the kit too and I super love it. My hair felt really smooth even after dyeing.

Lather your head like how you will shampoo your head. Make sure the lather gets to all areas of your hair.

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly. Not much fuss!

It is very easy to wash the lather off and my hair did not feel dry even before I put on the treatment provided.

After photos:

daytime, indoors with natural sunlight and higher exposure
somehow the colour looks much more even than before dyeing it. The ends look darker due (I think) to the shadow of my mum who helped me to take the picture. 

daytime, indoors, normal exposure

Taken at night, indoors (top of the head where original color was darker)

Taken at night, indoors (middle to bottom where original hair color was lighter)

Overall, Liese bubble hair dye is a convenient and quick fix for those who are seeking for a fuss-free DIY hair dye job. As for the colour wise, there is a faint hint of pink. Colour guide is around 60%-70% accurate in my case. 

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  1. You should trim the ends of your hair