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Bangkok: Day 1

Bangkok trip day 1: 17th May

obligatory window seat shot haha

didn't catch a wink the entire night before as my flight was at 7.15am the next morning and we had to be at the airport at 6am. I was kinda worried that I would be super shag as I know I would be spending the whole day walking and shopping. Well, I survived *still young*

We stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel and it was more cui than I had expected but it was located at a good spot, near some of the major shopping areas.

Our first stop was at Greyhound Cafe. I did so much research on where to dine and shop and Greyhound was on my list so here we are...!

before any food was served, we were served bread and awesome creamy butter. What a perfect combination and just nice, to keep our stomachs from further growling from the hunger hehe.

Iced chocolate with whipped cream
this needs no introduction? :)

Salmon sashimi in spicy hot sauce 190B
I love this! If you plan on visiting Greyhound Cafe, please order this! Who knew salmon sashimi, pesto sauce and raw garlics can go so well together?!

Greyhound famous fried chicken wings 110B
Deep fried marinated mini chicken wings served with fish sauce at the side. 
Skinny chicken wings, eat 'em all clean! So good too!

Spicy spaghetti thai style 190B
 stir-fried spaghetti with seafood, chilies, fresh pepper corns and basil leaves.
This was my main course and it was a regret that I could not appreciate this dish. The basil leaves taste were overpowering and I had to force myself to finish it. What luck.

Fish and chip in beer batter 230B
the fish is thick and the batter does not have a thick and floury texture. I like it but W thought that that the fish wasn't fresh which I did not agree with though.

Phad thai with fresh shrimp 160B
fried thai rice noodle with tamarind sauce and fresh shrimp served with crushed peanut and chili powder.
ingredients > noodles

spaghetti with italian pork sausage 200B 
stir-fried with spicy tomato sauce and sliced mushroom.

It was a pity that we did not try the desserts as we were saving stomach space for Mr Jones' Orphanage, another highly raved place by tourists and locals.

Mr Jones' Orphanage

our table number

What a nice place for snapping pictures (and camwhoring) with all the cute furry bears decorated around.

Look at all the pretty cakes! I wish I have 2 stomachs to try more of their cakes.

Am I in dessert heaven yet?

I've heard that the Custard Cow Poo is one of the popular item on the menu but it was not available on that day :(

Chocolate milk. 
I love how they serve their milk in a little glass bottle (it would be better if the glass bottle was bigger lah!) It tasted very fresh and shiok because it was served icy cold.

Had to take this picture quickly to make sure no dirt from the furry bear gets into my food.

Kit Kat Monster
Kit Kat was too sweet for my liking (tasted sweeter than the usual kit-kats?). It's worth one try, probably not a 2nd one for me.

Strawberry Venice
Why is the slice so small??????? I'm not a fan of strawberry but I love this! Only the strawberries tasted like strawberries, the cake tasted like vanilla cream cheese (don't trust the vanilla cream cheese part but that was what it reminded me of). SO ADDICTIVE. 

Don't forget to brush your teeth, kids! You don't want to get tooth decay from all the sweet treats ;)

I always see people taking these soldiers out and placing them on beside their cake on the plate for pictures. Not dirty meh? All the germs...

They placed our bill in a cute little wooden box. So cute! 

So in the end, we only tried 2 cakes because we were too full for more. I will definitely go back again to try more!


Dinner was at Platinum Fashion Mall's food court. We spotted Fuji Japanese Restaurant there (heard that it was one of the best Japanese Restaurants in town) but did not feel like eating Jap that day so we settled for some local delights.

Red curry rice noodles
What a simple dish but it was yummy!

The only mango sticky rice that I had in Bangkok /sigh and it was below expectations

crispy noodles

sea mussels on a hot plate

thai-style popiah
served cold and did not look and taste appetizing 

Chocolate banana crepe with whipped cream
I think I ordered crepe from the wrong stall because this crepe sucks. It was passable but I would never order it again.

We also ordered shark fin soup (not sure if real or just the soup base) but it was soo good too!!


Here's some pictures of Baiyoke Sky Hotel!

The observation deck. You can pay 10B to use the binoculars(?) lol

obligatory tourist shot

Hot air balloon. I was so scared that the stand that we were standing on would collapse -.-

Our feet were aching so badly at the end of the day and we were sweating like there was no tomorrow. Day 2 up soon!

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