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Bangkok Day 2

I finally got to do a blogpost on day 2 of bangkok (18th May. Long overdue oops!) Read about Day 1 here:

I heard that Som Tam Nua was quite popular so we decided to head there for lunch! While waiting for Som Tam Nua to open, we walked around Siam Square and chanced upon a little cafe that sells milk and cookies. Since it was raining, we decided to check it out (so glad I did!).

Hokkaido banana milk 
This was one of the best milk I ever had in my life!! I love it THAT much! How I wish Singapore sells this, then I will drink milk everyday for sure.


Som Tam Nua
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Bangkok 10110

there were quite a number of flies buzzing around even though the place was air-conditioned -_- desserts look good (they were in a separate section of the humble restaurant) but we didn't try it as we wanted to head to After You for desserts after lunch.

Thai Papaya Salad 65B
I'm not a fan of this dish but I don't mind eating it! The thai papaya salad opens up one's appetite to upcoming dishes yumz!

Fried Chicken 130B
I love this!! If you're there, please order this :') We ordered the large size one and it only cost SGD$5.50!

Chicken Spicy Tom Yum Soup 105B
I really love the tom yum soup and couldn't stop drinking. Look at how clear the surface is, almost no oil at all but it is still so spicy! The ingredients in it doesn't look appetizing so I gave it a miss but the soup is good stuff. I can never drink tom yum soup the same way again :(

fried thai rice-flour noodles 98B
this is something that I feel is quite special. They put meat floss as toppings and surprisingly it went well together! 

After lunch, even though I was already quite full, I told myself that I could not miss After You because their desserts look so darn good.

After You
at Siam Paragon

World's Best Iced Chocolate
super good and rich! I only had one sip because I was so full :/

Shibuya Honey Toast
SO NICE!! There were a variety of toasts to choose from and they all look so good. 

Cookie Choux
another hot favourite among the diners! Vanilla cream puff and chocolate cream puff. So yummy please T.T

If you don't know where to eat at Bangkok (which is almost impossible because there's so much to eat there), dine at Siam Paragon if you're there. The ground floor at Siam Paragon is a food haven and you will surely be spoilt for choice. 

Luuk Chuup - a type of Thai dessert which is also known as mung bean dessert.
Those little vegetables look too cute to be eaten!! I do not fancy beans (red bean, green bean, mung bean) though as I find them too dry to my liking. 

If you've got time and want to explore like a true tourist, head down to Siam Ocean World. 
Siam Ocean World is located at below the basement of Siam Paragon. 

Look at the cute stingray and shark mascots. Tip: just take pictures with the mascots because in Singapore, we already have the world's largest aquarium (S.E.A. Aquarium) so don't bother wasting any time there!

After exploring Siam Paragon, we headed down to MBK but didn't manage to comb the whole shopping mall due to time constraint. We only managed to comb level 1 and 2 /sigh. MBK is a shopping haven of imitations. I've never seen so many imitations housed under one roof before so it was quite an eye opener to see fake tiffany & co necklaces, bracelets.etc There were so many Christian Louboutins at affordable prices but they still cost a sum though. 


Somboon Restaurant for dinner. 
895/6-21 Soi Chula 8th Line Rd Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330.

There are a number of outlets but my friend advised me to go to their main outlet.

Somboon Restaurant is famous for their fried chilli crab and it was an utter disappointment! It was not served hot and the crab was quite small (we ordered the medium sized one because the waitress showed to us that the large crab was supposedly the length of her shoulders' width (ha ha ha).

best. fish. ever. So crisp!!

order their fish if you're there! It was TOO GOOD!! *stomach growling as I'm typing this*

Morning Glory (Kang Kong)
our much needed fibre intake. The thais don't cook their kangkong with sambal chilli do they? :o

black pepper tanghoon with prawns
Prawns were huge and really fresh. I find the tang hoon okay but the rest didn't like it.

Pork ribs. Meat was really tender!

gong gong. mehz.

After dinner, we went to platinum fashion shopping mall to shop for half an hour before it was closed ._.  Now, I really miss Bangkok so bad - not much about their shopping but their food. 

Day 3 of BKK will be up soon!

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