Saturday, 29 June 2013

BrowHaus Strip Mobile

I was stoked to be invited to try out Strip's IPL underarm service and BrowHaus's brow construction (tweeze). I've always passed by Strip's and BrowHaus's outlets but never got to try their services. 

BrowHaus + Strip pop up store!

The mobile browhaus strip mobile bus will be at Mandarin Gallery from 27th-30th June. It will also be stationed at other places:
Raffles City Shopping Centre (4th-6th July)
Raffles Place MRT (10th-12th July) 
100AM (Tanjong Pagar 17th-19th July) 
Cineleisure Orchard (25th-28th July)


I am amazed by how effortless and painless IPL treatments are. Pain factor is 0/10!! For those of you who are afraid of a tiny wee bit of pain, IPL IS FOR YOU. A cool gel is first spread on the underarm. Unlimited amount of zappings are used for 30 seconds. The beautician told me that all it takes is 6 (yes 6 only!!) IPL sessions to get results that can last for a few years! Imagine not needing to shave for a long period of time - every girl's dream.

You know how there are so many deals on Groupon that offer 2 years of IPL treatment for only $100+ and you must be thinking that it's such a steal. However, the interval between each treatment is 2 months each and thus t is not very effective and you end up wasting that $100+ which could actually be put to better use.

If you are unsure whether you will like or dislike IPL treatments, head down to the BrowHaus Strip mobile to get a trial session at a special price.

After the IPL session, it's time to get my brows groomed!

getting ready to tweeze my brows. I love how they use the black net to pin up my fringe instead of using a cloth headband or clips (my fringe would not rest nicely on my forehead after that). 

Unfortunately, threading wasn't available on that day. I always have the impression that tweezing is not as good as threading but I was wrong! The lady did such a clean job of tidying up my brows with only a tweezer. Pain factor is 1/10 only. I don't know how she did it but it only felt like someone was scratching my brows during the whole duration. It didn't feel like my hair was being plucked off from my brows (it hurt quite a fair bit when I diy at home). 

Here's the before (top) and after (bottom). You can't really tell from the picture but irl, my brows are really neat and kempt and there are no strays around them. 

Thread/tweeze your brows for only $8 on board their pop up store! 

What the pop up store offers:

$8 brows threading 
$20 voucher with $40 credits
$40 express lash extensions
$300 brow resurrection trial (without touch-up sessions) that costs at least $1000+ (with touch-up sessions). 

There are 2 types - natural or bold - depending on your preferences. 

$30 voucher with $60 credits
$28 IPL underarm 
$58 IPL brazilian or Boyzilian 
$58 IPL lower leg

There's an instagram contest going on too where participants will stand a chance to win a 2 day 1 night staycation at Orchard Parksuites worth $550. This is happening WEEKLY! 

Simply snap something that's "on-the-go" or "mobile. Tag @nuffnangsg #stripmobile #browhausbus to qualify. 

Don't miss the other dates for their mobile pop up store if you can't make it for the one outside Mandarin Gallery.

Visit their websites for more details.

Update: I had to add on that this was my only positive experience with BrowHaus. I was told by the PR of spa esprit (who was in-charge of Browhaus too) that purchasing the discounted voucher at the mobile store would enable me to undergo brow threading more than one time until I have used up the voucher's value. I had wanted to purchase a one-time $8 brow threading session but was persuaded to purchase the $20 voucher for $40 worth of services as it was "supposedly" (was told by the PR girl that it was $15 per session) cheaper (but original price was $17+ per session lol). I had booked a session for me and my friend. When I reached, they only booked a slot for me but thankfully there were no customers so my friend could do her brows too. To my dismay,  the staffs told me that the voucher was a one-time use and I could not get back any remaining value in the voucher. When I explained to them my situation, they appeared to be nonchalant about it. I had also sent a feedback email to the PR in-charge who attended to me but was disappointed that there was no reply from her (even being nice and giving her the benefit of doubt that there was some miscommunication). After seeing so many negative reviews on BrowHaus's facebook page, I am further convinced that I am never going to engage them again. Of course, I also have myself to blame for trusting the sales people too easily.

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