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Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery

I was thrilled to receive an invitation from Gavan to come down to Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary and have a hands-on experience on making kuehs.

Before I share with you my experience, here is a brief history about Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery.

In the 1960s, Lek Lim Nonya Cake started out humbly, selling kuehs from home. After they expanded into a retail store in 1987, ang ku kuehs were added into their menu. Back then, ang ku kuehs were a hot favourite among people. Then, they started making nonya kuehs and also made some modifications to the recipes to cater to the health-conscious lot in Singapore. By doing so, the kuehs are made healthier. They also took out the eggs and so, all their products have no animal products and are vegetarian and halal. Through this for example, the pandan flavour of the kueh salat got enhanced as a result of leaving out the egg as an ingredient. 

In 2008, they started introducing soon kueh and peng kueh and gu chai kueh. About just 2 years back, curry puffs, sardine puffs, spring rolls and fried yam cakes were added to their menu and they were certified Halal since!

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery is located just next to Bedok North, Fengshan Wet Market & Hawker Center, the famous hawker center that most of us have been to or have heard about.

They sell 2 variations of carrot cake. The older version is factory made (with shrimps) while the new version (handmade) has no shrimps.

Their best selling item is the soon kueh which is popular as it is more savoury. 

Here's my hands-on experience on making the ang ku kueh.

the pink dough and the mungbean and peanut fillings

My first attempt which was also a failed attempt. Look at how big my ang ku kueh is. 

The last 5 from the 1st row were made by me! You can see the shapes looking better and more improved right? As easy as the process may seem, it is certainly not an easy task. You have to have the right techniques and methods in order to make the perfect ang ku kueh with the right amount of dough and fillings.

Into the oven!

We were also taught to differentiate which ang ku kuehs contained which fillings. You can see slight hints of the peanut fillings because it is dark brown in colour and it shows through the skin while it is not obvious for the fillings with the mung-bean because it is in a light colour.

Green ku kuehs filled with grated coconut cooked in gula malaka. They used green color instead of red in order to differentiate between the peanut filling and the coconut filling.

gu chai kueh (chives fillings)
We were also able to see the workers making the kuehs on the spot. All kuehs are freshly made and the first shift starts as early as 4.00 a.m in the morning! 

peng kueh (glutinous rice fillings) all ready to enter the oven

kueh bengka (blended tapioca)
one of my favourite sweet kuehs and 1 piece for only 50cents!

steamed yam cake

Besides the usual steamed yam cake, they also sell a fried version of the yam cake. The story behind the fried yam cake is rather interesting! A customer kept the steamed cake in the fridge and the next day, he went to fry it and alas, it tasted delicious. That was how the fried yam cake came into the picture. 

After touring around the shop and having Gavan explain to us the various kuehs Lek Lim sells, we proceeded on to our next exciting hands-on experience.

...making Pulut Inti!

Here's the 3 Pulut Inti that I had made. Simply put an appropriate amount of rice on the pandan leaf then top with the gula melaka coconut paste and fold the leaf (according to method). Again, as easy as it sounds, it takes practice to make a good one. 

all the freshly made kuehs on display

Here's one with Boss Gavan, with me and Xueling posing with our handmade ang ku kuehs.

Here's the goodies that we brought back! 

Unfortunately, I only managed to try the sweet kuehs and was too full to try the savoury kuehs and fried yam cake. What a regret! The fried yam cake looked so good though. I'll definitely be back to get the fried yam cake when I am around the vicinity!

For more information, check out their website:

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery
Opening Hours 6:30am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday 6:30am - 2pm, Sunday
Address: Blk 84, Bedok North Street 4, #01-21, Singapore 460084

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