Sunday, 16 June 2013

[Review] Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series

"Having a bad hair day today..." Does this ring a bell or have you said this to yourself or someone before? I am sure everyone has had bad hair days before. 

Liese has this new daily enhance styling series to the rescue!

I picked the Straight Style Mist and the Frizz-Free Styling Milk for my hair. 

So happy that they threw in a comb along with the 2 sponsored products. I super love the comb!! It somehow makes my untamed hair more manageable.

Straight Style Mist
- for straight hair that curl inwards
- for round bangs

Spray the mist on damp hair and make sure it is spread evenly and that it covers the full length of your hair. Point the hair dryer downwards and blow dry hair following the motion of the brush. 

The Straight Style Mist contains heat-activated polymer that straightens waves and holds style in place. It straightens unwanted curls and makes inward curls at the end too. The mild floral scent makes my hair smells nicer. 

However, I find that this product does not eliminate my frizz. Not sure if it's the heat from the hairdryer or what but the crown of my head appears to be more frizzy than usual. I will solve this problem by pairing it up with the frizz-free styling milk. 

This product is a little inconvenient to use especially for lazy people because you will need to diligently blow dry it with a brush and I usually lack the patience to do so. This product can last for around 5 hours for me. 

Frizz-Free Styling Milk
- for tidy and manageable hair 
- smoothens out frizz

Dispense milk onto hand and spread it on both palms. Apply thoroughly onto hair ends, starting from the inner layers.Finger comb the outer layers of hair to tame it. 

It moisturizes my hair and makes it more manageable. It takes about 3-4 pumps of milk for full coverage. If you have a longer hair length or thicker hair, you probably need more. 

I notice that whenever I wash my hair, my hair will become quite frizzy because the scalp is rid of natural oils and thus become rather dry. But look! It's not that frizzy anymore and it also makes me look better. This product can last me for around 5 hours too. 

I love the convenience of this product as all I need to do is pump out the milk from the bottle and then apply and run it through my hair. It also has a nice floral scent. 

at the end of the day, my hair still looks non-frizzy and quite smooth as compared to my normal hair days.

I prefer the Frizz-Free Styling Milk as it is idiot-proof and very easy and convenient to use unlike the Straight Style Mist where a hair dryer is needed. Then again, both have different functions for different purposes so it all depends on what your priority is.

Hope my review helps!

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