Friday, 14 June 2013

L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence

Have you ever wondered why your skin condition does not improve despite religiously applying skin products daily? Understanding about skin absorption and its impact on the effectiveness of skincare products will bring you closer to an answer.

How many of you have skincare products lying around that you stop using because you want to try a new product or because you have found a better product to use? When you want to use back your old products, you find that they do not work as well anymore or you are sceptical about its effectiveness because you have kept them for so long? I'm one of them! I have so many half-used products lying around my desk and I always end up throwing them away (even though some are as good as new but I have kept them for way too long) to make space for new products. The cycle repeats and my wallet suffers. 

No matter how well some products work at first, their results start reducing over time.  Contrary to beliefs, changing your skincare does not make your regime more effective when the root cause is your skin’s absorption ability. The problem does not lie with the product, but with the skin's ability to absorb the skincare product! As the skin loses its absorption power overtime, it is important to make sure that your skin is able to absorb the skincare products you apply.

With Youth Code Boosting Essence, a lightweight, quick penetrating pre-serum, it can prepare your skin for subsequent skincare products, hence boosting the effectiveness of these products.

Youth Code Boosting Essence is a pre-serum that boosts your skin’s absorption power, ensuring that your skin takes in the active ingredients in your subsequent skincare. With this product, you do not need to worry about wasting your products and throwing them away because the effectiveness of your products will be doubled with the use of this pre-serum.

Even if you don't use any products, you can just use this pre-serum alone. It makes your skin smoother and softer from the very first drop. In a week, your skin texture improves and in a month, your skin looks more youthful and rejuvenated and you see more visible results from your skincare. The great thing is you can use it with any skincare product so you don’t have to toss out your current skincare product!

As a pre-serum, the recommended skincare regime would be: Cleanse, Tone, Boost (with Youth Code Boosting Essence), Treat (Serum, Essence, Spot Treatment or even Eye products), Moisturize, UV Protection

I've been seeing advertisements of Rui En for L'Oreal almost everywhere I go, especially at busstops. If you don't know, Rui En is the spokesperson of L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence!

Some time ago, Nuffnang and L’Oreal organized a contest and challenged you girls to submit photos of all the skincare products you own and the estimated amount you have spent on your products, with the hash-tag #savemywallet. 10 lucky girls get to walk away with a  L’Oreal Youth Code boosting essence + a product hamper worth S$300. If you have participated in the #savemywallet contest, head over to to check out if you have won!

The Youth Code Boosting Essence is priced at $39.90 (20% off in June 2013) and is available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major super/hypermarkets, and selected department stores.

For more information, visit their website

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