Monday, 10 June 2013

Omakase Burger

Last week, I went to Omakase Burger with a friend as the boyfriend highly recommended me to try it. The place is rather inconvenient to go by public transport so it will be great if you drive. We arrived at 3.11pm and were late by a minute as they only accept last orders till 3.10pm. Thankfully, they were nice enough to take the last order from us. 

All their burgers contain beef. Unfortunately, you won't be able to savour their Omakase burgers if you can't take beef . Fret not, they have 2 chicken items on the menu which look promising too.

Their burgers are made with 100% USDA choice-grade premium cuts and they manually make their patties daily. This explains why it tasted so good and fresh, something that you would never have expected from a fast-food joint.

Homemade lemonade 

bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries

Omakase Burger serves their steak burgers in various degree of doneness. I had it in medium and it was perfect for me. 

Beef burgers are not my thing and I would never see myself ordering one, must less finishing it on my own. However, the first bite of the omakase burger got me hooked and I finished every morsel of the burger (even though towards the end I found a pubic-like strand of hair oh man..). I am also in love with the buns they use which are exclusive to them. Unlike the usual buns, it is yellow in colour and has a subtle buttery flavour which I really like.

The sweet potato fries were rather forgettable though. The fries started to turn soft and soggy as we were halfway through our meal. It was too soft for my liking even when it was freshly served. Only the really skinny ones maintained its crisp and texture. 

The cheese fries were good. The fries were covered generously with the cheese which tasted somewhat like nacho cheese. The size of the cup for the regular sized fries seemed small but surprisingly it was very filling. If you are a small eater, you can share a regular portion of fries with your friend. 

It is rather pricey for a self-serviced fast food joint (almost $25 for a set) but definitely worth a try as I feel that it is on par with burgers served in restaurants, if not better.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Rd 287994

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