Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tom Yum Kungfu

I love thai food and I love steamboats! Recently, I've been hooked onto Mookata! Moo-Kata  means “pork skillet” in Thai. If you have not tried mookata yet, you MUST!! It's SO good!!! 

I've heard that Tom Yum Kungfu is quite popular and you must make a reservation in order to get a space during the weekends so I decided to head down during one of the weekdays to try it out and I didn't regret a single bit.

We were one of the first few customers to arrive and soon, the place was crowded. There were 2 types of chilli and I preferred the chilli with a lighter consistency. It went so well with the grilled meat.

Even without any ingredients, the soup was extremely flavourful. 

2-3 pax set at $39. 
My partner and I finished up everything and only felt 80% full even though she was a small eater. This would feed 2 persons just right instead of 3 unless you and your friends have small appetites.

The pork and chicken were marinated well and were very yummy. 

The vegetables were soaked up in the goodness of the soup broth and were very flavourful too.

Overall, it's a positive experience and I can't wait to go back to try their a la carte menu. Be sure to call them to make a reservation though.


Tom Yum Kungfu
16 Circular Road

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