Wednesday, 19 June 2013

World Street Food Congress 2013

*Overdue post* The bf and I went to the World Street Food Congress on their last day (9th June). The world street food jamboree consisted of street food by 37 of the world's best street food masters from 10 countries. Being food lovers, how can we miss this?!

We got the tickets at a student price of $18 each with $20 worth of food coupons.

The Singapore Flyer overlooking the F1 pit building. So pretty!

Hainan Fen from China 
At $9 for a really small bowl of hainan fen, this was so not worth it. The dried beef and cuttlefish tasted so horrible and they were so hard to chew. The gravy was lukewarm and definitely would have been better if it was served hot. This was our worst buy for that day.

Chuoi Nuong from Nam Bo Sticky Rice Banana (Vietnam)
"This traditional Vietnamese dessert is made with coconut water infused glutinous rice encasing a sweet banana, then drizzled with sweet coconut milk and topped with toasted sesame seeds.". 
Here's one of our best buys for the day! It was even better than the mango sticky rice that I had tried in bangkok. The glutinous rice was grilled with pandan leaf on the spot until it was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. So yummy!! 

Seafood Tostada from La Guerrerense (Mexico)

a very flavourful dish but at $10 for a measly portion, I could have gotten something better.

Hoy Tord from Hoy Tord Chao Lay (Thailand)
the egg was very crisp and surprisingly (after all the small portions of the dishes we had), the oysters were bigger than what I had expected. Every bite was so sinful because it was so oily yet it tasted so good.

Banh Khot and Banh Xeo from Phan Rang (Vietnam)
this stall has the longest and slowest moving queue. From the time we entered the place to the time we left, the queue was never ending. Portion was also the largest that was served among all the other foods that we ate.

chef hard at work

the banh khot and banh xeo went really well with the sweet and spicy sauce. It's a really yummy street food that I will order again! However, I felt that it was not worth the 30+ minutes of queuing.

shrimps, beansprouts, mushroom, minced meat.. what a simple yet delectable dish. 

candid shot of my partner of the day teehee!

This would be the first and last WSFC I go to. Most of their food portions were downsized by half and the prices were ridiculously inflated. Food was not fantastic. There were more misses than hits.. paid for the experience so once is enough. 

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