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Menicon Miru - World's Thinnest Contact Lens Pack

"3rd July - Japan's first and largest contact lens and eye care product manufacturer, Menicon Co., Ltd, announced its Singapore launch of “Miru", a daily disposable contact lens pack that provides wearers with both functionality and ultra-thin portability through its minimalist design. Available in a revolutionary wafer-thin pack that fits into most credit card holders, Miru’s exceptionally hygienic flat-pack contains a unique contact lens that promises high-wettability for all-day comfort."


It is barely 1mm thick and the Miru 1 Day Menicon Flat Pack is the world's thinnest and most compact lens pack! 

It is certainly convenient to keep a pair of Miru 1 day flat pack in your bag without worrying that the contact lens will be out of shape or squashed because there is the dispensing platform as protection. Furthermore, with its sleek design, it barely takes up any space in your bag, wallet and so on.

 “Miru” was created to give users a good start to a good day. Named “Miru” – the Japanese verb “to see” – it offers both beauty and comfort.

I really hate how I have to dig my fingers into the lens case to search for the contact lens. When I was still new to contact lens, I often mishandled the lens and broke them even before I get to wear them. Another mishap was when I did not know which was the correct side of the lens to put into my eyes and I ended up having really painful eyes when I wore contact lens the wrong side. 

With the Miru lens case, there is this dispensing platform where contact lens wearers no longer need to ‘fish around the case’ for the lens. The lens would always be facing the "outer side" when wearers open the case so there is no need for wearers (especially beginners and noobs) to check which is the correct side of the lens. This reduces the risk of contaminating the side of the lens that comes into contact with the cornea.

I also hate how I have to use extra force to open up the lens case. The Miru lens case is surprisingly easy to open and requires minimal effort without compromising the pack's security. I absolutely dig the super thin foil sheets that I can open so easily even with wet/sweaty hands! 

Easy and hygienic!
When one peels back the foil covering, the slightly compressed lens “raises up” from its unique disc shaped dispensing platform and presents with the outer convex side (front curve) facing upwards, ready for placing on the cornea with minimal handling and fuss. The contact lens is easy to pick up in one smooth motion, without confusion about its orientation, or the need to touch the inner surface. Contact lens wearers will no longer be required to go through the hassle of ‘fishing around their case’, a problem common to conventional blister packs.

10 design variations in a pack
 Miru’s unique foil based design enables artistic printing on both sides, something that is not possible with conventional blister pack packaging. It’s black/white motif is inspired by the rising and the setting of the sun along the horizon, a reminder that Miru is a daily disposable and contact lens wearers can enjoy a fresh, new, clean pair of lens every single day. Isn't it fun to see all the different designs in the pack each time you open a new one?

with Jasmine and Daphne at the Miru launch event.

picture credits to Hello Stranger Photobooth
Look at the props that we were holding, it just so happened to form "world's thinnest, miru 1 day menicon flat pack. Wow!" How apt.

The 1day menicon flat pack is retailing at SGD58 for a pack of 30 contact lenses. Miru is available at major optometrists and optical stores.

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