Thursday, 25 July 2013

Selfish Gene Cafe

Yesterday's brunch was with the soci girls at Selfish Gene Cafe. It is a 10 minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. 

clean and casual ambience, relatively quiet on a weekday.

toasted brioche with homemade berry compote, cream cheese, mesclun salad with scrambled eggs
This sweet and savoury dish will keep you wanting for more after you take the first bite! Even though berries are not my thing, I tried this and I liked it.

The moist, creamy and runny scrambled eggs added that extra flavour to the combination of sweet berry compote, cream cheese and bread.

Breakfast Plate $15+
scrambled eggs, english pork sausage, honey baked ham, sauteed mushroom, tomato confit, toasted brioche, french butter and jam
I tried the sausage and I felt that it was only average. The sausage casing was a tad hard to chew and swallow but the sausage itself was tender. 

Smoked Salmon Sandwich 
smoked salmon, cream cheese, gherkin, cucumber - ciabatta bread
This was probably the most aesthetically unappealing among the lot but do not belittle this! The thin spread of cream cheese added that extra flavour and some moisture to the otherwise dry bread. The smoked salmon was moist, firm and sliced to the right thickness. I really liked the crunchy greens that made up the mesclun salad and its tangy dressing. 

The ciabatta bread was light and fluffy but hard to cut with a knife. It is actually easier to eat with your bare hands. 

Beef Sandwich
roast beef, arugula, sweet onion marmalade, tomato confit, dijon mustard, mayonnaise - sundried tomato bread
 The lightly flavoured tomato bread complemented well with the roast beef. The roast beef was tender and I could feel the moisture when I sank my teeth into it however there were some parts of the beef that were quite tough to chew and swallow and I find it quite a pity. 

Mushroom Toast? (Special item not on the menu)
I don't think this was worth the money but still worth a try as it was delicious. 

seasoned well

Iced Chocolate with cream
The iced chocolate was quite a disappointment. It was lacking in flavour and tasted bland and rather diluted.The whipped cream on the top looked miserable as well. 

Banana Cake 
mini-loaf of banana cake served warm with caramel, banana, crumble and peanut butter sauce
The banana cake was served warm and moist on the inside. There was a strong taste of banana (so good!) yet not overly sweet. This is a must try among all the 4 cakes there. if you are intending to order the cakes there. There are only 4 cakes on the menu though.

I like how they provide cups of different colours to contain plain water. Just looking at it makes one feel happy and certainly have the ability to lift one's mood up.

A group photo with the awesome soci mates.

the servers were very friendly too, always willing to help us to take photos.

With its simple, no frills ambience, Selfish Gene Cafe is a nice place to have a good brunch and catch up with friends.


Selfish Gene Cafe 
40 craig road singapore 089678


  1. Hello, may i know whats the average check for it?

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