Friday, 2 August 2013

Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens

Some time ago, I visited Arbite for brunch with some friends. We arrived in the early afternoon and it was not yet crowded so we got seats easily.

Greeted by a huge black and white signboard at the entrance of the staircase. 

Truffle Fries $10.90
Straight cut fries tossed with truffle sea salt and served with a truffle dip

the taste of the truffles was evenly spread. With every bite, I could taste the truffle. The truffle mayo dip was good too even though I am usually turned off by the idea of mayonnaise. The fries itself were average and rather forgettable, nothing special about them. 

Arbite Breakfast $15.90
Scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, veal bratwurst, sautéed mushrooms, toasted brioche and pommes noisettes. 
This plate of Arbite Breakfast was extremely filling and the girls could not finish it. I liked the sautéed mushrooms. The grilled tomato was charred on top but did not taste charred and was so juicy. One bite into the tomato and there was a burst of juices. The scrambled eggs were smooth and creamy. The toasted brioche tasted good when paired up with the butter provided. The potato balls were a tad dry and thus I did not finish them. The sausage was mediocre and everyone did not finish it as well. It seemed like the first bite of the sausage was not tempting enough to make us want more. It was quite a disappointment however the other items on the plate managed to compensate for it.

a delectable spread of variety 

Smoked Salmon Croissant $14.90
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, capers with a buttery croissant and served with a side salad

I liked this a lot too because I am a fan of croissants and things buttery so a buttery croissant is the perfect bread for me. The smoked salmon tasted just right, not too salty. It complemented the lighter flavour of the scrambled eggs well. Croissant + smoked salmon + scrambled egg: simple yet heavenly combination.

We could not finish the truffle fries and so we did not proceed on to desserts. Arbite is worth a visit, however I don't think I will be back anytime soon since I stay quite a distance from Serangoon Garden. Till then, see you another time Arbite!


66A Serangoon Garden Way 555962

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