Thursday, 22 August 2013

Birthday Dinner @ Au Petit Salut

This is a long overdue blog post and I finally forked out the time to blog about it! CC brought me to Au Petit Salut for my 21st birthday dinner last month. 

The restaurant exudes a warm and romantic vibe. Diners are greeted with lush greenery as they make their way to the entrance of the restaurant. Alfresco dining is available. It is cooling but I am not sure if there will be mosquitoes though. 

some bread and butter to contain our hunger as we awaited for our courses to arrive

special concoction of cocktail (not on the menu) that we had that day

Wanting to try a variety of courses, we went for the dinner set menu. 

Flaked smoked Haddock, beetroot, Hibiscus puree and Ko Giku flowers
This dish was really good. The haddock was supposed to be salty and it was balanced well with the light flavour of the beetroot. I do not like salty food but I could tell that the tastebuds enjoyed the company of the haddock. Lol.

Sautéed duck foie gras, Balsamic braised onions, Aioli & pea shoots
Slightly crisp on the outside, the foie gras had a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The presentation of this dish was minimalistic and I loved how there was a cute pea shoot standing on the top of the foie gras. 

Main course:

Fillet of Barramundi, salsify braised in red wine and roasted mushrooms & Samphire
I could not taste any red wine but it was okay as I am not a fan of alcoholic drinks. The mushrooms had a "crunchy" texture to it yet it was really juicy inside. 

Barramundi was very tender but it was a pity that the skin was not crispy. There were some fine bones in it too which made eating a little difficult since the lightings were dim. It was tasty, nevertheless.

400 days grain fed Wagyu rib eye,‘Pommes Mousseline’ and red wine sauce
The BF had this. The potato puree was really delightful and I loved it. The beef, served medium rare, had a uniform consistency. The toppings on top (corns and veg) did not seem to complement the beef but thankfully they still tasted good.

Polenta & olive oil cake, Mandarin and gingerbread mousse, vanilla ice cream
I was having a hard time snapping shots for this dessert as there were not enough lights to capture a good shot and I did not want to use my flash. Thankfully, the vanilla ice-cream was extremely obedient and did not melt a single bit. Everything in this dessert complemented well with each other. 

Chocolate Crème Brulée
The surface was caramelized well and was topped with some chocolate balls. Even though the entire dessert only had the distinct chocolate taste, it did not overwhelm as the chocolate was not one of rich flavour. It was a sweet ending to our meal.

Their set dinner is really affordable for a fine dining restaurant so if you have a budget on hand, you can try out Au Petit Salut.


Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road, Dempsey Rd, 249548


Here's a picture of CC with his main course (instead of me because he doesn't initiate to take pictures sighz)

it's okay, at least I manage to take a photo on my phone ^^


  1. Hi! May I know how much the dinner set cost please? Thanks.

  2. yaloh, how much for both ppl ?