Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Carpenter & Cook

Carpenter and Cook has become one of my favourite cafes to go to for food and ambience even though I have only been there once. One of the best things is that Carpenter and Cook is a 15 minute direct bus ride away from my home *throws confetti*. Their service was not fantastic but decent enough.

Cook’s Amazing Quiche $7

A savoury pastry crust with fillings that absolutely could not be missed! There were 2 variations available that day and we ordered the bacon quiche. Served warm, savour it slowly with the salad at the side. The dressings of the greens gave it slight taste and further enhanced the flavour of the quiche when you pair them up together. Oh so yummy!

Lemon Drizzle Loaf $5
I really love the sweet and tangy flavour of the lemon which was yet not overwhelming. The cake had a dense and moist texture and was slightly spongy.

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel $6.50
The sweetness of the smooth and creamy chocolate complemented well with the salty flavour of the sea salt. The caramel taste was subtle which I loved because I am not a fan of anything caramel. The light flavour of the tart was a great combination with the strong flavour of the chocolate. The tart was flaky yet it could hold well and did not break easily.

Iced Mocha $6.50
It tasted bland and diluted. Thankfully, the desserts were really good so they managed to compensate for the lack of quality in the coffee. I would not be ordering their iced coffees again but I would probably give their hot coffees a chance.

After desserts, my dining partner and I headed over next (or next next) door for our main course HEHE!! We are such gluttons!

I am so in love with their vintage themed ambience. Their furnitures are for sale too! If you are looking for vintage furnitures, no harm checking out Carpenter & Cook :)


Carpenter & Cook
#01-06, 19 Lorong Kilat

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