Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dim Sum @ Red Star Restaurant

The family and I went to Red Star Restaurant because the dad had been wanting to try out this dim sum restaurant. We went during lunch hours on a weekday and there were not much people. Unfortunately, there were many items that were only available on weekends. 

congee push cart 

plain chee cheong fun - a very simple dish but it was satisfying especially since we were so hungry. The black sauce was not too salty or sweet and it complemented the bland taste of the chee cheong fun well.

I like the concept of Red Star having waitresses going around the restaurant pushing carts of dim sum and other foods to diners' tables. It gave us a very authentic and traditional vibe.

The har gows' skin had a mushy texture. After the first bite, I could not take a second bite as it was awful. 
The pork ribs were not soft enough and was a bit salty while the siew mais and tofu with prawns were fairly decent. 

Egg tarts - the crust was very flaky and not dry. The taste of the egg custard stood out when I took my first bite. It was a tasty treat amongst all the savoury foods that we had.

The chicken was tender but a tad oily. 

Salted Egg Yolk Bun (liu sha bao) - the salted yolk fillings had a runny consistency. It was smooth and creamy. The bun was also just about the right size and it was served to us hot. It had a milkier taste than the usual liu shao baos that I had tried.

Congee was served in a small bowl and topped with crispy crackers and green onions. 

Luo Mai Gai - a savoury steamed glutinous rice dish that consisted of mushrooms, chicken and chinese sausages; literally translated to mean sticky rice chicken. The rice had a very sticky texture and was flavourful. 

Roasted Duck 
The skin was not really crispy but it was really yummy and went so well with the duck meat. Oil was glistening under the lights but roasted duck meat are always oily right? 

Seafood Rolls wrapped with seaweed
This was delectable and the serving portion was quite huge too but we managed to finish it up anyway.

Overall, food was pretty decent and there was a balance of hits and misses. The restaurant is very big and can accommodate several large groups of people. There was also a nostalgic feeling dining at a place that serves dim sum in push carts. It would not be a place for me to go and have my regular fix of dim sum because the food was not exceptionally good (mostly average) and cheap but nevertheless, Red Star Restaurant is still worth a try. 


Red Star Restaurant
54 Chin Swee Road #07-23, Chinatown, 160054

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  1. Nice, balanced review. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing. Tony.