Wednesday, 28 August 2013

L’Oreal Cosmetics Workshop - Upsize Your Eyes!

Last month, I attended a makeup workshop held by L'Oreal Academie. The makeup topic of the month is to upsize your eyes and achieve the dolly look. The big-eye-dolly-look-makeup trend never dies. It is especially popular in Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan and of course Singapore! Eyes are the windows to the soul. Who doesn't want big and dolly looking eyes?

Some women think of applying makeup as a chore or find that it is too troublesome to apply makeup. Beauty Destination by L’Oréal Paris Singapore features easy steps to achieve your favorite looks! It’s the one and only Beauty Destination you need, because you’re worth it ;)

Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo will demonstrate handy makeup tips through videos & step-by-step guides that will be made available on Beauty Destination, using the latest makeup products by L’OREAL Paris Singapore. This month, Beauty Destination teaches you how to upsize your eyes and create the dolly look!

the makeup provided to us during the workshop! 

For this look, we used:
Les Ombres eyeshadows SGD $22.90
Black Lacquer eyeliner at SGD $20.90
Lash Architect 4D mascara at SGD $27.90
Heart of Pearls Lipstick SGD $18.90.
L’Oréal Automatic Slim Liner $21.90

At the workshop, Larry patiently guided us through the steps of achieving this look. He was also such a humorous guy, serious in his work yet still able to crack jokes with us. It was such an enjoyable experience!

The different shades of foundation under Lucent Magique. I tried it and I love how it glides so smoothly on my face and is very easy to apply.

I really love their lipsticks which have a pearly white shimmery colour in the middle, giving your lips that luminous 3D shine.

explaining thoroughly to make sure we all understood

Step 1: Apply L’Oréal Color Infallible Eye in Eternal Black (black shimmery eyeshadow) onto eyelid using the ring finger. This acts as a colour base.

Step 2: Apply brown eyeshadow (L’Oréal Color Riche Les Ombres Beige Trench Palette) from the outer corner of the eye leading up to around the eye socket. 

Here's Larry demonstrating on Valerie - drawing the eyeliner

Step 3: Use the L’Oréal Automatic Slim Liner to draw eyeliner. The Slim Liner is a pencil eyeliner so it is generally easy to use for beginners. 

Step 4: Using the Black Lacquer eyeliner (gel), extend the eyeliner to make it winged and not to forget the bottom, extend it out till it covers about 1/3 of your bottom lid.

Next, add shimmery eyeshadow at the corner of the eyes for the brightening of the eye and to create the illusion that it is bigger.

After curling your lashes, use Lash Architect 4D mascara lengthen your eyelashes. Look, my eyelashes are finally visible in photos! 

My eyes did look more "alive" and of course much bigger than usual after I was done with the look. My smokey eye look was not obvious in the picture but it was more outstanding in real life!
A subtle smokey look that will look great on Asians since we Asians have smaller eyes than caucasians. Go easy on the eyeshadow if you do not feel comfortable!

this makeup also gave my whole look a different vibe!

with Larry and Jasmine

with the gorgeous Valerie and Jasmine all donning the same makeup look, and Larry photobombing the photo LOL!!

Now, you can achieve this look too! Check out the Beauty Destination website by L’Oréal Paris where you can learn various makeup tips and secrets. 

Beauty Destination will be my favourite destination when I am in need of makeup tips since I am such a makeup noob. Fortunately, there are makeup tutorial videos available conveniently on the website so you can use it as a guide. Do you have very light brows like me? Check out the website for tips on how to fix your brows in 3 easy steps! Also, if you have a burning question that you want to ask about makeup, ask the experts away at Beauty Destination

Group photo of the bloggers who attended the workshop, all with the same smokey eye makeup!

Thank you L'Oreal Paris, I had a great time at the workshop!

 L'Oreal cosmetics are available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super/hyper markets.

PS: UPSIZE your eyes & create the DOLLY look! What’s more, there will be a Signature Beauty Contest where winners will walk away with Samsung notebooks worth SGD 1999! Interested parties can find out more and participate at Beauty Destination.

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