Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lunch at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

2 weeks ago, I went to Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant with the bf's family to celebrate his dad's birthday. We initially wanted to go to kiseki however it was fully booked as it was on a Saturday. Thankfully, Momiji did not disappoint.

Here's their sushi corner. I did not try any of them as I wanted to save space for the other food. They looked fine though, except that the colour of the tamago sushi looked too artificial (unnaturally yellow).

Here's a part of their grilled section which has a waiting time of 15-20 minutes. I loved everything here! The asparagus wrapped with bacon was really juicy and the unseasoned asparagus complemented well with the saltiness of the bacon. The mentaiko scallops were good too. The grilled prawns were seasoned with salt and tasted delicious even though some parts were charred.

fruits corner

There were only a few choices of sashimi and I only tried the salmon sashimi which tasted average.

grilled section - they have chicken chop, pork chop, shishamo.etc 

They also have a few selections of hot plates.

Japanese scallops

The scallops were dry on its own with no seasoning so we poured the black pepper sauce which was provided over it. It was quite gelat as the pepper taste was very strong.

Beef wrapped with enoki mushrooms - again, seasoned with black pepper sauce which I did not really like.

The sauce provided for this was marinara sauce which I preferred. The oyster was fresh and this was my favourite among the 3 hot plates. 

salmon nabe 

Their cooked food selection was not impressive but acceptable. 

I usually do not have not much expectations on buffet desserts especially since Momiji belongs to the same company as Sakura Buffet. There were hits (fortunately) and misses. What surprised me was that Momiji actually serves Haagen Daz ice-cream in a couple of flavours which I felt was worth the price. I had the green-tea, chocolate and rum and raisin flavoured ice-cream and they were all good.

with Wendy

with CC

Overall, Momiji is worth a try if you are seeking to dine at a buffet restaurant with a budget of $30. 


Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road #05-05/06, Jalan Besar, 208539

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