Friday, 27 September 2013

[Ad] 24X25

Disclaimer: This is an advertorial but opinions are solely my own.

"Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade." 

Some background information about 24X25!
At 24X25  it's all about HANDMADE HAPPINESS! While we find joy in what we're doing, we hope to spread the love & appreciation for handmade goodness & share some happiness with you! Behind our handmade products are powered by only a pair of hands. We take pride in our products, made from scratch, paying attention to the finest details. 
In this world of mass production, we believe that there are people who yearn for the handmade touch. When you're buying handmade, you're buying more than just a product - what you'll get is exclusivity, quality & a whole lot of love! 
So why compromise yourself to suit the masses when you can customize & personalize an item, making it one-of-a-kind, made just for you!

So glad to receive their newly launched Crotchet Tote bag which is so pretty! I do own a few tote bags but they are nowhere as unique as this Crotchet Tote. 

love the crotchet material!

The crotchet tote is simple yet not too basic so I can bring it to school as well as on dates and outings. It is in a cream-white/beige colour so it basically matches with most outfits easily. 

pictures do not do it justice! click to enlarge to see the crotchet details ;)

It's spacious enough to fit a laptop and other items that's why it is ideal for school :)

love how my floral corsage matches so well with the tote too hehe

24X25 not only sells tote bags (they have got several kinds of fabric totes, printed totes.etc!), but also accessories such as necklaces and rings, and laptop/ipad sleeves.

Navy blue polkadot drawstring pouch which I uses for my handphone or ez-link card holder because my wallet is always so full that it usually cannot detect the ez-link card inside.

donning their bicycle necklace which adds zest to my simple outfit 

these necklaces are going for $3.50 only!!!

24X25 will be having a 'Like & Share' FB page promotion from 24/09 - 28/09 for their Crotchet Tote Launch (launching on 25/09). They will be giving away a Crotchet InstaxCam Drawstring Pouch. Free stuff!! You may be lucky enough to win it!

Want to own one of that Crotchet Tote? Simple quote my name when you submit your order form for a discount of $2 off! 

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