Saturday, 7 September 2013

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

If you are staying for a place to have good Mookata, MooJaa is the place to go. 

Do you know Moo-kata literally translates into "Pork Skillet" in thai? Well, now you know :P

They have 2 types of chilli but I prefer the one with the yellowish tinge which had a more sourish taste to it.

Service was friendly and the staff also helped us to cook the ingredients as there were not much people around when we went. When he saw that we were tying our hair up, he informed us that they do provide hair spray for customers so that they would leave the place with their hair less stinky. 

Portion and price wise was comparable to Tom Yum Kungfu but this certainly had more kick with their signature cheese tofu and chewy abalone slices. The meat was marinated well and the soup was sweet and flavourful. The flavour of their thai milk tea was just right and not too sweet. 

Because they serve really awesome thai steamboat, there is a buffet option for diners at $32++. Besides the thai steamboat, they also serve ala carte thai food but I highly doubt I will try them as I am already sold by their thai BBQ steamboat. 

Unlike Tom Yum Kungfu where they place their steamboat pot directly on the level table, MooJaa has a "hole" in the table where the steamboat pot is being placed inside so the smoke and smell getting to you would be somewhat minimized. The heat would also not get to you and make you feel all sweaty and gross if you sit indoors.

Good news is that MooJaa closes at 6 freaking am so it is definitely a place where you can have a shiok supper! If only I stay near that area.


25 Keong Saik Rd 089132

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