Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review: Essential Hair Mask & Leave-on Treatment

Ever since I started dyeing my hair, my hair has been especially dry and frizzy and it really irks me! I am not willing to spend so much money on hair treatment in salons so I would just apply conditioner after shampooing. 

When this came in the mail, I was so stoked and excited to try them out. Look at the pretty packaging! The ribbon is also the knob to open the drawer and in it were 2 Essential hair masks waiting for me to try them out. 

I received 2 types of hair mask and leave on treatments to review so now I will first introduce to you the hair masks.

If you have hair that cannot be tamed, try these hair masks out! They may not be able to solve my hair problems perfectly but they certainly are able to keep them under control. 

Product Features of Essential Intensive Hair Mask:
- New and improved formula with Advance Cuticle Care Technology that provides concentrated repair care for damaged hair, especially the last 15cm which is particularly damage-prone 
- Contains High Purity Honey for moisture and manageability
- Contains Shea Butter to repair dryness, breakage and split ends
- Newly-added Heat Damage Care ingredient

Hair Mask Tips for Best Results 
1) Never apply the hair mask onto the scalp. It makes the scalp and hair oily 
2) For best results, towel-dry hair after shampooing before applying hair mask 
3) Apply hair mask for 3 consecutive days before and after chemical treatments to lessen the damage to hair

Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask 
For damaged and unmanageable hair

The Rich Premier hair mask contains 3x more honey and shea butter! The packaging is pretty too. It is of no wonder that their packaging is appealing to the eyes since Essential is a Japanese brand. 

After shampooing my hair, I will leave on the hair mask for 5 minutes for it to work its magic. 

The scent is wonderfully sweet and pleasant. It is rather strong so it stays on my hair for a longer period of time. Hours after my bath, my hair still smells so good. 

The hair mask is in a light orangey tinge and can be applied easily to the hair. 

After use, my hair felt smoother and less frizzy. Even though the frizziness was not completely eliminated, it was kept under control. 

I also use this Nourishing Care lotion as a leave on treatment on my towel-dried hair. My hair definitely feels softer and more manageable even when I am out the whole day.  It moisturizes my hair yet does not make it look oily. My hair also looks healthier after application.

Simply pump an appropriate amount of lotion onto palm and then spread and apply evenly onto hair.

I also tried it on my mum's hair. The split ends looked less horrendous and hair also looked much tamer than before. 

Essntial Intensive Leave-on treatment has the ability to coat and smoothen the peeling cuticles while repairing damaged hair surface. That explains why the split ends were not as obvious as before. 

I'm satisfied with this product!

Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask 
For damaged and limp hair

The Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask gives damaged and limped hair a light and bouncy finish. 

The Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask is also in an orangey tinge of colour and it smells really good too. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized. The frizziness of my hair is also reduced.

After hair is towel-dried, I use the Anti-Frizz Serum.

The texture of this Anti-Frizz Serum is very oily so I have to wash my hands with soap after using it. However, it works by eliminating the frizziness in my hair and surprisingly, it does not make my hair look oily or glossy even though the texture is really oily. 

 Check out the Before and After picture *gasp* Hair has a bouncy feel (does not look flat) and it is also less frizzy than before. 

I prefer the Essential Rich Premier series to the Nuance Airy series as I feel that the Rich Premier series suit my hair condition more. One of the things I love most about their hair products is their amazingly sweet and feminine scent!


The Essential intensive hair masks are available at $9.90 each only which is not expensive at all.

Essential is available at all leading supermarkets, hyper-marts and pharmacies.


  1. I tried the honey and shea butter one and it does an amazing job and smells lovely too! Have to try to get my hands on the nourishing care lotion as well :)


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